Mon, 18 Oct 2004 NPP

Confusion Rock Effutu NPP


With 50 days to the December General Election, the confusion and acrimony that has characterized NPP Primaries shows no sign of ending.

There has been deep division within the NPP over the selection of their respective parliamentary candidates that threatens the success of the party the Effutu Constituency which has been deeply divided is still engulfed in crises with no solution on sight.

A few months ago, the delegates in the Constituency elected Mr. Ernest Yamoah Kufuor as the NPP candidate. But his eligibility was challenged by some party members in Winneba and upon some reflection, Mr. Kufuor stepped down and fresh nominations were opened. Three people namely Emmanuel Makin, Kwasi Nana Sawyer and Alex Markin filed to contest the seat. The three were vetted by the National Vetting Committee and were given the go ahead to prepare for the Primaries.

There were all forms of accusation and counter accusations among the three aspirants so the regional executives suspended the primaries. Suddenly, the National Chairman Harona Esseku wrote to the Constituency Executives informing them of the decision to appoint Samuel Owusu Adjei as the NPP candidate for Effutu.

To show their opposition to the decision which they described as imposition section of the Party supporters staged a peaceful demonstration today in Winneba with the simple message 'We want Primaries'. They said they will only support a candidate that the delegates of Effutu have elected and not somebody imposed on them.

Mr. Kojo Halm was one of the leaders of the demonstration. He summed up the feeling of the people. The Assistance Constituency Secretary, Chris Oddeye dismissed the accusation and said both the Constituency Executives and the Elders of the Party in Winneba supports the decision to appoint Mr. Samuel Owusu Adjei as NPP Candidate to Effutu.