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A Letter To The White House, Part 2....Why I Slapped A Gay

A Letter To The White House, Part 2....Why I Slapped A Gay
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Mr. President,
After 29 calls from foes and friends and 20 messages from the readers of my article on A LETTER TO THE WHITE HOUSE which was published on, I want to take time out to thank all leaders and readers of this nation. Most importantly for the corrections trigger you pulled concerning the idolatry instead of adultery in my letter and the minor typographical errors identified. I will say it was with the anger with which I typed so my fingers were going faster than the brain.

I had wanted to entitled this article “A LETTER TO THE LGBT” but I have just realized instead of trying to convince a dethroned demon to be re- enthroned , let me just caution the dwellers of the earth hence, the caption above. When Satan rebelled against God in Heaven, God didn’t kill him rather He cautioned us who dwell on earth to be vigilant because the devil has come here to stay. Now that Self-centered indulgence, pride, and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of your nation, I want this missive to be projected to all dwellers on earth. As our people say, you cannot prevent a bird from flying over your head but you can prevent it from building its nest on your head. So since the act in your country is now inevitable let me take this privilege to advise my brothers and sisters on your land and all walks of life

Let me set the ignition with my own story Mr. President, whiles I was in Greenhill, I was exhausted after lecturers one day and decided to pass by Rhapsody at the Accra Mall to drink a bottle of Coke with ice and Lime, and to my surprise was a young man on the same table I was about to be served. He signaled me as a responsible man I thought he was I went to his stand only to realized this foolish fool who was old enough to be my senior brother to rob his hands over my chest and on my ties though I was in a Khaki trouser. Before I remembered I was born again I have unconsciously or consciously slapped him. He exclaimed OOOOH!! Am not gay, I replied: I’m not saying you are, I’m only preventing you from becoming one. I don’t understand why a man will tell a fellow man that your height and your smiles amazesme; I’m already in love with you. Young man, if you ever hear this from any man, warn you, this is not a proposal; this is a recipe for disaster. I slapped this woman of a man not because I hate him but I think sometimes some demons need physical attack.

Mr. President, I have serious love for Muslims because of their discipline, so I have a lot of Muslim friends. Among the many others is Mohammed AlhassanEzzydin popularly call Deen, an aspiring legal practitioner, once told me, if I look at the happenings of this our generation what do I think, especially about America. I told him I don’t think anything. I just know Matthew 24 is here with us and one has to change or be chain in hell. He said exactly what he was thinking about, because he think that there is satanic innovation in the system. Satanic innovations like adultery, idolatry, lesbianism and gayism, youth recalcitrance and violence at the highest peak. I left Deen thinking about what one can do to be save and save the generation yet to be born through the legacy of Obedience to God.

The issue with our system is that we have people and country whoare in full advocacy of the LGBT writ of madamus of making this demonic act constitutional. My heart aches anytime I read, hear or witness the terrible downward spiral of a nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such as technology and sex. I only have to go on my knees and intercede. Am concern because one way or the other nations interact, and I pray you won’t condition same sex marriage for our citizens who are coming to study in your country.

I have heard folks who have become gays just to get a job others accept the act because after school there is no job awaiting them. And I will always refer to the 3 Hebrew men who stood as strong as the black stone in Mecca; they refuse to bow even at the perils of their lives. I only want to bring to public notice the dangers of giving in because of hardships and untold sufferings, and this is to my readers and their associates. God didn’t promise a safe journey but I believe He promise a safe arrival. If America can have the inscription ‘

In God we trust on their dollar and still make mockery of their maker whom they claim they trust, then we are in the end times like one of my readers proposed. If Japan can legalize what the Bible said it’s iniquitous in the name of business then the end is near. If a medical doctor whom the country has so much trust in can defile a 16 year old boy from behind like I heard in the news today in the name of uncontrolled libido, then Satan is on the rage.

If pastors can give out their church for same sex marriage and go back to church on Sunday to drink communion wine then that church needs overhauling. Upon this note I agree with Dr. Billy Graham’s wife to say “ If God does not punish America for this reprehensible act, then He owes Sodom and Gomorra an apology”. The bible said in Proverbs 24:10: if your strength fails in the days of adversity then it means your strength is small. So I urge you and I to stand the test of time for every reward come out of a test. Our distaste and war against Sodomy will never go unrewarded. STAND FIRM

R. Duafah
([email protected])

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