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Qur'anic Exegesis & Analysis Via The Lens Of Modern Science

[2nd Day of Ramadan] {Qur’an & Cosmology}
Qur'anic Exegesis & Analysis Via The Lens Of Modern Science
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"While we have an eternal miracle like the Qur'an, I feel no need for any other proof While we have an evidence of the truth like the Qur'an, I feel no difficulty in silencing those who deny."

--- Said Nursi, in his, "The Miraculous Qur'an & Some of its Mysteries"

Miracles In The Language Of The Qur'an
The early Arabs, whom by virtue of their linguistic wizardry and mastery of Arabic language, used to composed poems in Arabic, dubbed; mu'llaqaat, and the best poem would be pasted on the wall of ka'bah, the Black cube. Once Labib Bun Rabi', a bedouin Arab, one of the legendary poets pasted his poem in the morning and he later came and saw just one sentence of the Qur'an pasted on the wall of ka'bah, upon reading this verse, he found it so catchy and captivating and exclaimed: "Walahi! haza laisa bish'ir wa inni laminal muslimin!" that: "By Allah! This is not a poetry and I am now among the Muslims!"

In all poems and poetic writings, it is a fact that a few of the phrases or verses always excel the others in choice of words or phrases. The Qur'an is mostly revealed in a poetic language, yet all its verses and chapters are equally eloquent, beautiful and impressive. It is not humanly possible to write a book of 114 chapters, 6,136 verses, 86,430 words and 323,760 alphabets, with such superbly sublime clarity of diction, and absolute command of the language.

If a certain concept or event in a book is mentioned repeatedly, the language usually becomes unimpressive and monotonous, and also, loses its beauty. It is a unique quality of the Qur'an that it describes numerous concepts and events repeatedly, yet the language maintains its beauty. Topics such as: Oneness of Allah, prophethood of Muhammad, (PBUH), day of judgment, attributes of the believers, salat, or prayer and charity are few of the much repeated subjects. On the contrary, each and every description of these topics is unique and specific in its choice of words and the beauty of the language. We do not find any repetition of words or phrases even when the Qur'an is describing the same event or the same concept.

Most of the topics discussed in the Qur'an relates to such subjects as: beliefs, ethics, prayer, personal conduct, social obligations, legal matters, universal phenomena, human history etc. No human being has ever composed a book of poetry on such topics. The Qur'an, on the other hand, discusses such topics in a poetic language which is unparalleled in its rhythm, beauty and style.

Expansion Of The Universe
"With power did We(Allah) constructed the heaven(universe), verily, We are (continuously) expanding it." --- Qur'an 51:47

Analysis: It was only after the development of the radio telescope in 1937 that the necessary details of the expansion of the universe were observed and established. Out of these observations astronomers have now presented the so called "Hubbell Constant" theory, which gives the quantity currently used to gauge the rate at which the universe is expanding. The issue now is not whether the universe is expanding or not, it is rather the rate at which the universe is expanding.

The astrophysicists express this expansion in terms of a distance of 20 billion light years. The radio telescopes have now provided evidence that this space is expanding at nearly the speed of light.

According to Professor Karl Merry of the Queen Merry University in London, who appeared on one of the weekly BBC Science in Action program[September 2009, to mark the 40 years anniversary of man's mission to the moon], "When Neil Armstrong and Balzadran first stepped foot on our satellite[moon], 40 years ago, they left behind an experiment that has been running since, and that has revealed some startling findings like the fact that, the moon is running away from us, they left lazar reflectors on the moon and that has been reflecting lazar light far from the earth towards the moon. And they reflect the light straight back again[later after analyzing the data], they discovered that the moon's orbit[through the speed of light] is expanding at the phenomenon rate of 38.7 mm[which is equivalent to about 3 centimeters] a year and is a great measurement and the earth is actually slowing down slightly and the days are getting longer as a result"

In an estimate by Aldington, a cosmologist, every 1300 million years, all the distances in the universe are doubled. Harua Yahya, a Turkish prolific writer also stated in one of his books of science that, "At the beginning of the 20th century, Russian physicist, Alexandra Freeman and Belgium cosmologist George Leman theoretically calculated that the universe is in constant motion and that it is expanding.

This fact was also proven by observational data in 1929, while observing the sky with the telescope they discovered that, the stars and the galaxies are moving constantly from each other." How can the revelation of such recent knowledge of astrophysics in the Qur'an fourteen centuries ago be explain in any other way than accepting the Qur'an as divine book from Allah, the Exalted?

Presence Of More Than One Worlds
"Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds." --- Qur'an-1:1

Analysis: This is the first verse of the first chapter of the Qur'an. Fourteen centuries ago, the human mind was incapable of any sound thinking about the earth, the solar system or the galaxies. Yet, the very first verse of the Qur'an states that Allah is the Lord of the worlds, testifying to the presence of the worlds beyond the earth. In fact, the words "the Lord of the Worlds" appear in the Qur'an a total of 73 times. Chapters and verses like: 2:131; 6:45; 71:26; 26:16; 32:2; 41:9 ; 43:46; 69:43. Etc.

Today, mankind knows for a fact that there are other planets besides the earth. This knowledge was gained only through the invention of telescopes and other scientific developments. But the Almighty Creator revealed this knowledge to His Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) long before man invented the telescope and other similar instruments.

According to Maulana Wahiduddin Khan who stated in his book, "The Qur'an-An Abiding Wonder": "Studies in Astronomy show that the number of stars[planets] in the sky are as numerous as all the sand grains on all the sea shores of our planet, many of the stars being vastly greater in size than our earth, some even being of such enormous girth[size] that they could accommodate hundreds of thousands of earths inside them and still have room to spare.

A few of them are even so vast that an airplane flying at the greatest speed imaginable, at the speed of light[186,282 miles per second] would take about ten billion years to complete just a single trip around the whole universe. Even with such a huge circumference, this universe is not static, but is expanding [as mentioned above] every moment in all directions. These are enough evidence that the Qur'an is the greatest divine book.

Hussseini Yushau BabalWaiz, is the Research & Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives Inc. New York, Author of three books, including, ”Paradise Under Mothers’ Feet”, " "Not good without God", “Islam Promotes Tolerance & Prohibits Terorrism” . He tutors in Arabic & Islamic Studies in New York, [email protected]

Further reading: 160 Mysteries & Miracles of the Qur'an, by Dr. Mazhar Kazi.

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