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Letter To My Future Wife: Your Faith, My Fear!

Letter To My Future Wife: Your Faith, My Fear!
10.06.2015 LISTEN

Thank you for your silent reply to my missive the last time on this same blue page. Silence they say means concern. So I understand you understood de repercussion of any potential action you intend to take before and after we have met by faith. Honey, please something hit me de last time I was thinking about gathering confidence to propose when I meet you. And then Odartey Lamptey's nomenclature appeared on the screen of my thought. So I wanted to share with you, please are you ready? Let's assume you are.

I learnt Odartey Lamptey went abroad hassling and tussling for cash to sustain the wife, the 3 kids and the family. What was the results? I learnt after 23 years the woman came oyout to state blatantly with no iota of doubt and remorse that the 3 kids DAT bear the name LAMPTEY are not his biological kids. So my question is, who fertilized the egg?? Let's leave that to posterity.

I am not ignorant of the fact that you want comfort, joy and peace. Please don't tell me you are different? Just say its because you are a lady, I will go with dat. My very good friend Yaw Sarpong , an aspiring M.P advised me on the corridors of Greenhill, that was after my civil war in 2013- that "Mr. Duafah why don't you focus on getting cash so you can give to your girlfriend the comfort she want, that's the only way you can secure your girl from been taken by another monster she call a man ". I rebutted with brutal frankness that Odartey Lamptey had the cash but infidelity never departed from his house. The conversation ended there. Hmmmm if Abraham and Sarah didn't need immediate cash to make each other happy and Mohammed and Khadija understood each other, why do I need cash to impress a woman I want to date?

He said bro, things have changed. Alright let me not digress. Honey you see, am the type who love furiously fast without measuring risk and if you ask me to define my love life with a movie title. I will say its "OWYOUO KWANSO PART 1" because the slightest disappointment and mistrust from your angle is enough to move me from the dormitory to the cemetery. Honey I want keep you forever so please understand these nuggets am about to release.

1. COMFORT: I would be a daft to say I don't know women like comfort. But sweetheart please comfort wasn't part of the fruit of the spirit stipulated in the good book, hence Gal. 5:22 I have seen long suffering , joy , peace but I have not met comfort yet. Honey please understand that pressure from your friends and family for me to get a flashy car and glassy house just to make you comfortable when you know very well that I just finished the first phase of an academic escapade is something I won't tolerate I beseech you by the mercies of God can you hold onto the joy you get from my humor until the others arrive in due time?

Whatever. What am saying is your faith is becoming my fears now. I wish I could end here but let me just tell you a few things my mentor Manasseh Azure, the Columnist said to the wife in his article: A letter to my future wife: your make-ups put me off. Honestly I do not also like make- ups. So please take the next point into consideration. Thank you.

2. MAKE- YOUPS: woman, I know you know by the time you meet me, I a bore make- ups both in character and facial. Please you don't have to apply colored powder to look good for me. I was trained in a church and I have been thought to uphold virtues like character, honesty, transparency and purity than your facial and the worst of it all artificial beauty.

I don't want to look at you and remember de grotesque goddess in my village, so please just keep the natural you. I know you might have enough faith in make-ups but please most at times that's my fear. I still want to recognize you after my proposal so please be natural. Please for the sake of time I will share the remaining 5 with you when nature has finally brought us together. But in case you can't go with these nuggets then you have to create your own man. I love you

Your man,
R. Duafah

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