Thu, 04 Jun 2015 Feature Article

From A Concerned Subscriber: ‘Glo Mobile Network Services Becoming Unsatisfactory’

From A Concerned Subscriber:  ‘Glo Mobile Network Services Becoming Unsatisfactory’

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press herein gathered. I welcome you all to this very important press conference.

Let me use this opportune moment to congratulate the Ministry Of Communication and National Communication Authority for the best they are doing to ensure, Mobile Network Providers in our beloved country give nothing but, the best of services to the very customers for which they existed throughout the country. I must also be quick to add that, more work still need to be done in that regard.

Communication in its simplest form according to a political scientist Harold Lassswell (1948) is the transmission of a message from a source to a receiver. He further said that, a convenient way to describe communication is to answer the following questions:

  • Who?
  • Says what?
  • In which way?
  • To whom?
  • With what effect?

Ladies and Gentlemen, in addition it is also a fact that, communication is central to our lives and effective communication can help us solve problems in our professional lives and improve relationships in our personal lives. Communication experts believe that, poor communication is at the root of many problems and that effective communication is one solution to these problems. My question therefore is why is GLO Mobile Network Service Providers not allowing us to communicate effectively?

In this 21st Century, it is evident that the emergence of Mobile Network Providers contributed immensely to the development of the entire African Continent in diverse ways, as people use their mobile phones to call Radio and TV stations to complain about problems in their respective communities aiming at seeking redress and also to express their views on discussions on issues of national interest, people also do research on their mobile phones, mobile money transactions etc, just to mention a few.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope we could all recall vividly the gargantuan advertisement that was carried out about the GLO Mobile Network, which was broadcasted on several TV Stations and aired on a lot of Radio stations for a longer period before the coming of the GLO Mobile Network into our Mother Ghana. We were all of high hope and in joyous moods that, they were coming to bring better and affordable services to the good people of Ghana as a challenge to the existing ones at that time so that they will also improve upon their services.What is happening to that our hope now? Gargantuan advertisement oooooooooooooooooo!

The rate at which GLO Mobile Network Services are going off in this year is just too much and I must be sincere that, it is giving headache to their subscribers including my good self. It is sad and surprising to note that, their services went off on the 1st June, 2015 around 10; 57am in the Volta Region and returned on Tuesday 2nd June, 2015 at around 5:30pm and it again went off around 1: am this dawn and returned on Wednesday at 7am.It went off again Wednesday 11:45pm and has since not returned before I went to the café to publish this article.

I don’t know whether this problem pertains to only those of us in the Volta Region or it a nationwide problem. This cancer has been and is seriously affecting us, as far as communication is concerned.

As I indicated early on, this has been going on throughout this year and the most painful thing is that, when their services are restored not even a text message will you receive from them apologizing for what has happened. I think this is unprofessional on their part and I am entreating them to find out from their other competitors especially VODAFONE and MTN what they do in such instances. On that note, I salute the leadership of VODAFONE and MTN in that regard and that they should keep it up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, someone might ask why don’t I just leave the network and go for another one and I believe it will be a good question but it is also true that it does not solve the problem in any way. I am against this backdrop calling on the Minister of Communication and the National Communication Authority to investigate these unsatisfactory services of the GLO Mobile Network to those of us in the Volta Region and apply appropriate sanctions when necessary and make sure they work on their services to enable us enjoy their network and be satisfied if not, very soon a court action might be necessitated against the company because we are just tired.

Let me end here by congratulating the GLO Mobile Network for the social responsibility activities they are undergoing to improve the living standards of the good people of Ghana and I will like also urge them to do more but make sure they better their services first.

I thank you all for coming.
Long Live Ghana.
Long Live Volta Region
Long Live Mobile Network Providers
Mathias Tulasi (Convener)
GLO Subscriber
Ho-Volta Region
0231382446 /0200255295
Ephraim Ofori
GLO Subscriber
Ho-Volta Region