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Put A Stop To June 4th Celebration

Put A Stop To June 4th Celebration
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Oh my!!! Day break Ghana!! A beautiful day. Wow, it's actually a new month, a month of my birthday. This is a blessing. That's how I feel on the 1st day of June. I am happy and have a feeling that all will be well but something suddenly struck my thoughts, what is it? It's the June 4th celebration. Suddenly I start to shiver, shiver not of fears or sickness but of the June 4th uprising celebration. There, my mood switch from happy to sad and anger. Whilst I pondered over it, I realized some families would be mourning for the deceased who did not depart in their sleep but were tortured and humiliated to death. How could people be so cruel and unjust? They say it was during the military regime but why celebrate this barbaric act in a democratic society? Then, Our legal practitioners are asleep and the law is dead. I entered the room and imagined a man on television beating his chest about June 4th because he committed murder to innocent souls, destroyed businesses and made innocent people flee yet he is a free man. He smiles because the law has granted him to celebrate atrocities he committed years back. Who is this man? H.E. the ex president of Ghana, JJ Rawlings.

Flashback to the late 70's for you to understand why I categorically stated that the law of Ghana is being mocked by this one person. On the 4th of June 1979, JJ Rawlings killed innocent Ghanaians all in the name of corruption. Are you clean based on corruption Mr. Ex president? Do you know the foundation of everything determines its stance in future? The NDC as a political party derived from PNDC was found based on corruption. Why do you think the current government is facing all this problems of corruption? This is because, the political party they represent has been corrupt from its dawn of establishment. Who is corrupt now Mr. Ex-prez? So anytime you want to mock these innocent souls of mother Ghana you eliminated on basis of something you are not clean of, respect the innocent lives that were taking and stop. I strongly accept the fact that it happened during the military era but what I don't understand is, why is it celebrated? Why should anyone celebrate murder? Why are you walking freely and the law seems to leave you? For once in Ghana's history, Mr. Ex President, respect the families of those you murdered, the businesses you collapsed and Ghanaians as whole.

If you really want to be in the political front Mr. Ex President, please deal with issues undermining the development of the nation than to remain taciturn on current happenings and mock Ghanaians?

Do we have Justice in this land?
I don't think so. Why should murderers go scot free. Until the chief architect of the June 4th revolution is made to face the full wrath of the law, the murderers of prominent people in our society would go free.

Mr. Ex-president, on behalf of the bereaved families, Ghanaians & the law of this country, we beseech you to stop mocking us by celebrating this yearly anniversary that brings nothing but pain and discomfort. I hope you put the interest of Ghanaians first and reconsider this act of shame. Thank you.

Abdul-Jawad Tiyumba

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