16.02.2015 Feature Article

The Cry For Attitudinal Change Not An Option But A Necessity.

The Cry For Attitudinal Change Not An Option But A Necessity.
16.02.2015 LISTEN

Anytime I critically analyze the position of on individuals on some important development issues, am either gunned by spasm or emotional distress.

Yes our ideological differences should be our source of strength. The strength to turn every national crisis as a source of enthusiasm and hard work to stimulate and increase the pace of national development.

We must as a nation devoid of our political affiliation, social status, sex and cultural orientations, set national standards for national development. According to Thomas Jefferson, " every difference of opinion is not a difference of principles" Lest we are abusing our very young democracy, national policies must be derived from difference in opinion.

The fact that, we hold different opinions keep us on a good course for collective commitment and sacrifice for nation building. Let us then with courage and confidence pursue our own social and liberal principles with very strong attachment to nationalism. I emphatically preach against divide and rule tactics with its elements of political witch hunting, which I think is a major crack on the pillars of good citizenship.

Nation building is experimented all over the world to show that, powerful individuals have little to contribute in development. Real development centers around anointed souls of commitment and tolerance. We can only embark on a reconstruction process only if we admit our faults in the past. That should not however amount to blame game and needless political propaganda. It can be seen from far that, we can use all our resources retooling the various sectors of the economy but it would not yield any positive results until we retool and minds and think differently in a better way.

Frankly, I personally think that, the nation is blessed with abundant resources but the positions we assume when it comes to policy making is what is negatively causing us. We misapply our political doctrines and compromise our natural given wisdom for cheap political propaganda.

We must walk that long and narrow path because it is where our treasury lies.

Denis Andaban
[email protected]