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The Nursing Profession In Ghana Has Become More Of "Quantity" And Less Of "Quality."

The Nursing Profession In Ghana Has Become More Of
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I would not write this article out of complete ignorance of Nursing, because at least my Auntie is an Experienced Nurse and now a Midwife. So at least I have a little understanding, appreciation and experience of Nursing. The Nursing Profession is one of the most important professions on earth, because it is all about treating Sick People in various ways to help prevent their untimely death. And there can be no Health Care Delivery without Nurses. This is simply because Nurses are more closer to the Patients than any other group of Health Care Professionals in the Patients' Treatment Process (I stand to be corrected). These and other reasons are why I would love to have a True Nurse as my Future Wife. This shows you how serious I take the Nursing Profession.

Moreover, I am more than 100% certain that the True Qualities of a True Nurse include Love, Compassion, Humility, Patience, Tolerance, Passion etc. Without these True Qualities in any so called Nurse, Sick People can never be assured of Better Treatment. Unfortunately, a chunk of Ghanaian Nurses today do not possess and/or exhibit these True Qualities in a True Nurse! Also, why do I ask that question in my Article's Title? I am moved by the rapidly increasing application for admission to Nursing Training Colleges!

The bases of this phenomenon are that Contemporary Ghanaian Girls, mostly Senior High School (SHS) Graduates are unable to attend the University and Polytechnic. And they now see Nursing as a Fashion due to its seeming high rewards and modesty. If this phenomenon continues unabated with its weird bases, Ghana would produce many "Wrong Nurses" years ahead who are "Wolves in Sheep's Skin", and the "Chaff among Grains!" Ei Ghana,have we forgetten common instances of Wicked Nursing mostly resulting in the deaths of Innocent Patients? "Ghanafo, w)mma y3nhw3 biribi yie ooo!" Don't we know that True Nursing gives Life to most Sick People?

The Ministry of Health should carefully consider my Recommendation concerning the Admission of Applicants to Nursing Training Colleges: "All Applicants before their possible Admission must be sent to all nearby Hospitals, Clinics etc in batches for a maximum of three days. These Applicants would be tasked to act as Nurses. Their actions during the period at the various Health Facilities would be monitored and graded in A B C D in each of the listed True Qualities of a True Nurse by Special Officials. The Grades would be a Considerable Factor (at least 50% Factor) in the Whole Admission Process. This simple process would separate the "Chaff" (Nursing Pretenders) from the "Grains" (Capable Nurses).

I tell you that this would greatly achieve the Purpose if really done well. In the end, we would produce "Quality" Nurses and not "Quantity" Nurses as we merely want due to a seeming shortage. Let us therefore start changing the practice of merely training all admitted applicants to become Nurses, because most of them do not have the Nursing Potential. But rather we should identify through my Recommendation and train the ones with the Nursing Potential. Lastly, "you cannot train a Wolf to forever live as a Sheep, because it would certainly start to devour its 'Fellow Sheep' later!

(Dated 10-02-15).

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