Consumer In Focus: Switzerland’s ICERTIAS Unveils New Logo

Consumer In Focus: Switzerlands ICERTIAS Unveils New Logo
05.09.2014 LISTEN

The Zurich-based international organisation ICERTIAS today launched its new logo and corporate identity

Zurich, 5th September, 2014 – The International Certification Association, ICERTIAS, unveiled its new logo and corporate visual and communication identity in its seat, Zurich, today.

The globally present research and certification organisation has rebranded itself with a new logo in whose centre is an image of the average consumer, dubbed Checkman Charlie. ICERTIAS said that Checkman Charlie represented the consumer or buyer raising a hand in a vote for what he thinks is best on the market.

“Our focal point is the consumer, the average shopper, the average person. Consumers are the ones we address and they are the ones who decide about who has the best offers on the market for our certification process. It was, therefore, logical for us to place the consumer in the centre of our new emblem”, the international organisation said.

The organisation's new trademark does not use Checkman Charlie by himself, but has him embedded in a red shield.

“The red shield, which is always associated with determination and action, depicts ICERTIAS itself, as it determinedly and actively shields the consumers, asks them for their opinion and keeps them informed”.

A new motto has also been launched to go with ICERTIAS's new emphasised focus on the consumer: “MY VOICE”. This simple statement demonstrates the fact that ICERTIAS gives voice to the opinions of today's consumers in the media and towards producers and service providers on the market.

ICERTIAS's newly unveiled corporate identity is an example of the successful rebranding of a young and rapidly expanding international organisation that is increasingly recognised as a research reference centre and as a respectable international certification authority.

ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH - is a private, politically independent organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland. ICERTIAS ( encourages innovative forms of market study and research at local and international levels. The organisation is primarily focused on the global recognition and promotion of product quality and value. ICERTIAS also encourages international cooperation between existing and newly established testing, research, and certification organisations and promotes the collaborative development of testing, research, and certification tools across country borders.

Operating from a consumer perspective, ICERTIAS educates local organisations on how to promote products and services that have met its high-quality standards, how to offer better value and to extend such quality to local and international markets. Internationally, ICERTIAS has been best known for its BestBuy Award ( and QUDAL - QUality meDAL ( research and certification systems.

The ICERTIAS organisation has managed to expand its research and certification activities to more than twenty countries on four continents within less than three years of its founding in Zurich in 2011. ICERTIAS certificates QUDAL - QUality meDAL and Best Buy Award have become recognised by consumers on numerous local markets as tokens of quality and good buy benchmarks.

At present, leading local and international specialist and mass media regularly report about ICERTIAS market research results. Since its founding three years ago, ICERTIAS research and market analyses have been given media coverage in more than 10,000 instances by an excess of 1.000 local, regional and international media, in more than twenty different languages. ICERTIAS conducts its market and sociological studies for a wide range of socio-economic sectors, including politics, sports and leisure industries, as well as numerous business sectors such as food, telecommunications, finance, construction, retail, logistics and tourism industries, among others.

A great many leading local and international corporations currently employ their ICERTIAS certificates, as well as QUDAL - QUality meDAL and Best Buy Awards winning medals. These include: Procter & Gamble, Unilever, HP (Hewlett Packard), T-Mobile, Tele 2, Lactalis, Danone, Bonduelle, Volkswagen, Bosch, Unicredit, Intessa, Nestle, Dr. Oetker, Heidelberg Cement, Holcim, Henkel, Vaillant, Spar, Billa, Aldi and Hofer, to name just a few.

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