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24.07.2014 Feature Article


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Indeed, it's true that Ghana needs help, it is true that her state now is not one that the forefathers envisioned when they wrote her to become "Great And Strong; It is true that if things continue this way, generations yet unborn may not even have a Ghanaian future of which to partake let alone be proud of..... but it all begs a crucial question - a question of truth, a truth which drags us all into the very net we would have been quick to throw a few men and women as being the cause for Ghana's current state. Today, I ask that question of truth - Are we all not Hypocrites where Ghana's fall is concerned?

Are we not all hypocrites when we individually put in average efforts of 7 hours productivity daily and 17 hours of unproductivity and expect Ghana to do well?

Aren't we hypocrites when business owners make no effort to expand their entrepreneurship beyond the borders of Ghana, yet expect economic expansion?

Aren't we hypocrites if students, with internet access rather Skype, porn and Facebook, than be disciplined to expand their knowledge beyond lecture halls?

Aren't we hypocrites when those with answers sit back and say 'Ghana politics is dirty,' yet expect the same filthy machinery to change Ghana's fortunes?

Are we not hypocrites when Pastors fail to teach that God in us requires us to CREATE, not only pray? That Faith is reflected in WORK, not waiting on God, arms-folded?

Are we not hypocrites when we point to politicians and cry 'CORRUPT!' yet fail to expose them, offer bribes ourselves or yield happily to secretly greased palms?

Aren't we all hypocrites when labor unions demand NO competency raises of its members but pay rises from employers and expect industry's profitability?

Aren't we all hypocrites when the average politician use citizens development entitlements as a blackmail tool, to win future votes subsequent elections?

Are we all not hypocrites knowing the competent people to run Ghana, but are happily blinded by partisanship, ethnicity, self-interest, greed to elect bad nuts?

Are we hypocrites when we fail to self-govern ourselves, yet happily blame others for our own indiscipline, non-patriotism, unproductiveness & non-creativity?

I only asked a question - Are we all not hypocrites?

Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane
[email protected]

Marricke Kofi Gane
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