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Akuapems Mark 10th Milestone of Larteh Accord

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Hundreds of Akuapems descended upon the Eastern Regional town of Larteh over the weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Larteh Accord that separated the three traditional divisions of the Akuapem State from the 273 years rule of the Ofori Kuma Stool at Akropong.

The celebration, which attracted local government officials and other prominent sons in the area also saw the transfer of the presidency of the Joint Consultative Council of Paramount Chiefs of Akuapem Anafo, Guan and Okere, the three break away traditional divisions, from Nana Otubuor Djan Kwasi II, Akuapem Anafohene to Nana Asiedu Okoo Ababio III, Akuapem Guanhene.

On May 8, 1994, the three Divisional chiefs, their Queenmothers, Elders and people met at Larteh to abolish the Abotakyi Accord that had bonded them to the Ofori Kuma Stool and there agreed to renounce allegiance to the stool.

The Abotakyi Accord, which was signed in 1731, according to historians, was initiated between one Safari and his Akim group and the three Akuapem groups of the aborigines namely, Adukrom, Larteh and Aburi.

This was ideally to ensure the security of the Akuapem State from further outside aggression especially from the Akwamus, the Akuapem neighbours.

An account had it that from the year of 1731, when the Abotakyi Accord came into existence, the occupants of the Ofori Kuma Stool at Akropong had never stood by the agreement. Similarly, occupants of the Kuma Stool were accused of showing disrespect to the other groups who were involved in the Abotakyi Accord.

This was said to have retarded the growth and development of the area amid series of litigations.

However, misunderstanding in 1993 led to a spontaneous reaction from the three divisions of the Akuapem State against the Ofori Kuma rule.

In his handing over address, Nana Otubour Djan Kwasi II, observed that since the singing of the Larteh Accord in 1994, there had been significant improvement in the area in terms of peace and corporation.

After a brief historical account of the Akuapem State, Nana Kwasi II said what was left to be achieved was the gazzetting of the autonomous paramountcies of the Akuapem states by the National House of Chiefs.

He said even though it had not been easy, he was confident that the task would be achieved soon.

In his acceptance address, Nana Asiedu Okoo Ababio III, condemned the basis of the Abotakyi Accord saying, "It was fraudulent and deceitful and therefore of no effect."

He praised the Larteh Accord saying, "The Larteh Accord which calls for autonomy is not a call to arms or a secession, but rather a genuine call for a stop work on the divide and rule tactics," of the Ofori Kuma rule.

He called on Nana Addo Dankwa III, Omanhene of Akropong, Akuapem to ensure that any proposal for the reorganization of the Akuapem State should have the Larteh Accord as the basis for the negotiations.

He further named the cessation of chieftaincy disputes, deceit, cheating, disrespect and greater unity as some of the greatest achievements of the Larteh Accord.

Nana Ababio III is expected to hold the presidency of the Joint Consultative Council of the Akuapem State Paramountcy for two years.

His predecessor had held it for eight years.

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