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30.12.2013 Feature Article

The Bad Things Teachers Have Exacerbated In Schools

The Bad Things Teachers Have Exacerbated In Schools
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In this world a blind man cannot walked single-handedly and so a presiding rod has been characterised him as his teacher to his seemingly dawdling journey in his lifetime.As far as am concerned, a fully-fldged teacher was appointed to embed knowledge to his/her students so that they will not go astray when they thrived to search fopr employment.

To begin with, i have noticed certain bad things that some of the teachers in innumerable institutions do which is beyond my immagination and that the imperative drastic measueres are put in place the ease, from the inception of teaching to the finite of retirement nothing , absolutely nothing propels it to desist.It is a fact that some teachers shamelessly associates themselves with the female students.

However, how on earth could teachers who are supposed to teach students about the vertuis of life and the need for them to shun way from immoral practices should rather take female students as their girlfriends.Is it the duty of the teacher to impart knowledge and not to train the students to meet the challenges of life?This shameful practices, in no doubt would undermined the authorities to instill discipline to the students.

Nevertheless, another problem of worthy of concentration is that, favouritism on the part of some teachers when it comes to award of marks in the in the marking of exercises and the examination script.Some teachers award marks highly to students when exercises are given in class or when exams is conducteded just because the are close to these students, their demand from the studetns are invariably granted or becauies they send the studtents on errands most of the time in the school.In most cases in the school, marks are not awarded on merit.These are evenly teachers who openly boast of giving paltry marks to some students because they were rude to them.

Moreover, the problem of wealthy of note is drunkenness.these are some teacher, instead of being teetotaler to prepare the students adequately, they rather drunk so heavily that they hardly stand on his feet teaching.These was an instance where a teacher fell heavily in a class in the cause of teaching and the students had to rush him to the hospital only;y to be told that he was intoxicated.How could a teacher drunk in the morning before going to school.Is not it shameful for a teacher to imbibe during working hours?

From my observation, i have realized that these are some teachers who keep giving substantial exercise without marking them.

It is my fervent hope that the government and the ministry of education will put measures in place to help bring some of these incorrigible teacher into book to avoid bringing the name of our school into disrepute since indiscipline seems to reign these days.


korle-gonno, accra.


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