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Stop Trying So Hard To Impress Women!

Stop Trying So Hard To Impress Women!
11.09.2013 LISTEN

Perhaps you have found out the hard way that trying to impress women we consider hot and sexy does not help. Perhaps you are still on your journey to discovery.

Many men try too hard to impress ladies in the hope of getting them to like them and later, perhaps get into bed with them. What they do not know is that being too nice to a woman, agreeing with everything she says, and being too accommodative actually pushes you further from her.

So called hot girls usually know what you will do before you do it. Many a time, it will take being different or offsetting her usual expectation to 'catch her eye.'

Being spineless, predictable and obedient to her every whim only tells her how weak, needy, boring and inferior you are to her. Once you expose her superiority over you through your actions, she will take that position and actually live it. You will then be perpetually out of her league.

So how do you avoid making the mistakes many men make?

Treat her like you would any other person. No preferential treatment!

The need to be 'yourself' cannot be over emphasized in this case. Disagree with her when you need to and make suggestions of your own.

Avoid complimenting her on her physical beauty and suckling up to her.

That is not to say you should become a complete jerk. Disagree with her in a reasonable way and make your position clear without becoming a bully.

You may even tease and poke fun at her sometimes.
So treat her like any other person and be you. That way, she doesn't gain the advantage of the higher ground where she gets to predict your every move and control affairs. She also gets to see the real you and how different you are from the pack of men she comes across daily.

Have a nice day.
Bernard Buachi

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