12.06.2013 Feature Article

America And The Market Fires

America And The Market Fires
12.06.2013 LISTEN

There have been mixed reactions to the announcement made by the President that his administration has invited the United States of America to help in the investigations into market fires in the country.

Opponents of the President and even some of his friends have said that the invitation smacks of the complex of inferiority which has undermined Africa's development efforts since independence.

They rightly ask, if we need the USA to investigate market fires, then what would we need to investigate a nuclear disaster?

Others who appear to be so blindly loyal to the President say that the market fires are serious and that the Government needs to do anything and everything to get to the bottom of the matter.

For them, the invitation to the Americans is justified as a matter of desperation.

The Insight thinks that more than 50 years after the attainment of national independence, it is embarrassing to be rushing to all manner of countries for solutions to very simple problems.

Early this year, we rushed to Israel when the Melcom disaster occurred only to realise that the expertise for dealing with the problem was available locally.

Indeed, the Israeli squad achieved nothing on their propaganda foray into the country.

We are dismay by the suggestion that the US is invincible when it comes to intelligence and security.

The point is that the security services in the United States of America have been unable to resolve many very simple criminal cases for many years.

The fixation that everything American works and everything Ghanaian fails is most unfortunate.

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