01.05.2013 Feature Article

Let Us Save Ghana Gas Infrastructure And Ghana Gas Company Workers

Let Us Save Ghana Gas Infrastructure And Ghana Gas Company Workers
01.05.2013 LISTEN

Very sad working day for the gallant workers, engineers and on-site administrative staff of the Ghana Gas Company Limited.

They have been asked to go home for the outright lies and short-sightedness of policy makers in the energy sector.

Sadly, they have had to be made living outcomes of the illogical policy making regime we have been cursed with.

Not long ago, IMANI issued a report on the state of affairs with our Gas infrastructure after a through visit and advised that we took urgent steps to save project timelines.

As usual we were publicly humiliated by the Energy Minister and some senior board member of the Ghana Gas Company. I am Very ashamed again to be Ghanaian under these circumstances.

No, Wisdom does not lie in acquiring numerous degrees and bullying every one who asks questions about your publicly salaried work. As public servants, you owe everyone a duty to be proactive with information about your work.

Anyway, happy May Day to the gallant men and women at IMANI and to you reading this post, every where you are shine the light even if you are intimidated by a million strong darkness-loving busy bodies.