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An African Pope, The Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Tuckson, Is Being Tipped As The Next Pope, As A Means Of Mellowing African Spiritual Thunder

An African Pope, The Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Tuckson, Is Being Tipped As The Next Pope, As A Means Of Mellowing African Spiritual Thunder

When I published in two parts, in the Nigeria 'Daily Sun,' of January

5 and 12, 2005, an article entitled: 'Jesus Christ, The White man's 419,' (419 is the statute book reference code for economic fraud in Nigeria), Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury rushed to Nigeria to help calm frayed nerves. Series of published articles exposing more contradictions in the Bible, brought Pope Benedicts XVI to Nigeria's neighbour, the Cameroon, to feel the pulse of African spiritual 'radicalism,' the first such in the history of the world.

With more religious lies continuing to be revealed in the media, Pope Benedict XVI, rushed to another of Nigeria's neighbouring country, the Republic of Benin (his second visit to Africa in a short span of time), on November 18, 2011, for a three days visit. On Saturday November 19, the Imperial Pope, when he met with the leaders of traditional religions in Benin Republic, (the first such meeting with African faiths leaders), instead of addressing the contentious issues between his Church and Africa, which are: (a) That there was no Jesus, and that his Roman Catholic Jesus story is a myth, based on the African Horus myth that preceded the advent of Christianity by at least 4435 years, (b) That God Anu's race, (Extraterrestrial beings from planet Heaven), cloned humans and they told our ancestors so, themselves, (c) That Yahweh replaced his father, El Elyon, as the leader of the 'Falling Angels,' from planet Heaven. (d) That the Earth's Godhead is a woman, the Mother-Nature, and her name is Goddess Ma'at, the Pope asked Africans to reconcile with one another.

With African spiritual 'radicalism turning into an avalanche, enough to silence the heart of even a younger Pope, Pope XVl is 86, he began thinking of giving way to a younger heart as the Archbishop of Canterbury did late in 2012. When we announced that African spiritual liberation begins in earnest from 2013, Pope Benedict XVI declared a series of activities to mark one year of faith in the Roman Catholic Church from October 11, 2012 to 24 November, 2013. In November, 2012, he promoted a Nigerian Archbishop to Cardinal, to give Nigeria three current Cardinals. He at the same time, put a Nigerian Bishop on his Interdenominational Council. Because of Africans claim that God is a woman, the Anglican Communion in November 2012, appointed their first ever female Bishop, an African from Botswana, who claimed to be representing the mother attribute of God. In early December, 2012, the Church of England, UK, admitted in a public announcement that Jesus Christ may have suffered from mental health problems. On February 9, 2013, following our invitation to the African race to switch en-mass from foreign religions to Ma'at, the African spirituality, and the statement that the Earth is a zoo and humans are the dumbest animals in the zoo; the Pope announced his resignation on old age grounds.

These are obviously tough times Papa, and as we Africans struggle to liberate ourselves from spiritual colonialism, we wish you from the depth of our hearts, peaceful retirement and deep and abiding African love as the ancestors of the human race and the inventors of religions, spirituality, and the creators of all the Gods of the human race.

Naiwu Osahon,
Sage, renowned author, philosopher of science, the spiritual Prince of the African race, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement.

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