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The Earth Is A Zoo

The Earth Is A Zoo

“The earth is a zoo, and humans are the dumbest animals in the zoo. We are the easiest of all animals to programme. Many celebrate the White lie that a supposed tribeless 'God,' sleeping for the nearly thirteen million years of human evolution; hundred thousand years of human existence as Homo sapiens, and over 10,000 years of African religious domination of the world, suddenly woke up from his deep slumber, and came to earth some 2000 years ago after Rome conquered Africa in 49 BCE, to impregnate a prostitute cheating on her poor, humble, carpenter husband, who gave birth to God's only (begotten) son, a White boy, in whom God was well pleased, and who after death at the age of 33, was seen ascending a ladder to be with God his father in heaven. They do not admit that God's only son issue is a myth claimed by several ancient tribes around the world thousands and hundreds of years before theirs, and that even the Edo, Nigeria, creation myth of her monarch being God's only son, precedes the Roman copy by 365 years. The White lie is so trite; so stupid, it does not deserve the attention of any sane person. Why can't they be original for just once? Religion is racial politics for power and world domination, and not to be outdone, Asians countered the Caucasians with Buddha, and the Arabs followed suit with Muhammad.”

Naiwu Osahon,
Sage, renowned author, philosopher of science, the spiritual Prince of the African race, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement.

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