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29.01.2013 Crime & Punishment

Prosecution Has Deceived The Nation - Embattled Woyome Still Flexing Tiny Muscles

Alfred Woyome
LISTEN JAN 29, 2013
Alfred Woyome

Businessman Alfred Woyome has expressed frustrations over what he describes as the slow manner in which his case with the state over the 51 million cedis judgment debt is being handled.

The case was on Monday morning adjourned to February 12 following similar adjournments in previous hearings.

Last week the state prosecutors prayed the court for more time to produce a witness but appeared in court on Monday with a similar excuse.

Mr Woyome who appeared frustrated at the turn of events told journalists after the hearing that he wished the case could be finished as quickly as possible so he could have his peace of mind.

He said; “You've deceived the whole nation. You continue to come over here that you are looking for witnesses. Do you bring people to court before you start fetching for witnesses?... I think that the state should put itself in order and they should face me squarely in court here,” he said.

"You have disgraced us. You have done all that you can do against my rights. For more than one year, I have never worked. My companies have never worked, my companies don't work, my accounts have been frozen, the basic rules within this account where we can gain sustenance we can't even get” he said.

“My name, my family name and people who are very responsible have been dragged into the mud…the state needs to sit up and solve this case”

He said if the state is unable to find witnesses, it should subpoena some members of the minority in parliament who over saw the abrogation of his contract to assist in the matter instead wasting everyone's time.

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