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Achebe and the Bitter Truths from True Elders

Achebe and the Bitter Truths from True Elders
31.10.2012 LISTEN

Those who boastfully killed God's children with starvation, deprivation and outright murder turned around, after they have made rubbish of their anti-Igbo privatization policy, and started ordaining themselves as priests of the very God whose children they joyfully killed - priests to the "Most High," albeit in hypocritical and demeaning gestures of humility. They have destroyed even the temples in which they make a show of making mention of God's name. What is worse; their seed grew up to see the consequences of the abominations of their fathers, yet refuse to receive the baptism of repentance. Instead, they chose the path of their suicidal fathers and arrogantly revealed the spirit of the betraying humility which their fathers used to expose their indispensableness.

As the God of all life rejected Nigeria, even from its foundations, so has he rejected the spiritual leadership of these slaves of darkness who resist all truth. To date, their spiritual-fatherism and shepherd-mantle-ship have not been able to provide shelter to hundreds and thousands killed everyday and everywhere in this abomination called Nigeria; they could neither provide spiritual covering nor could they explain to the flock while "the gate of hell" is driving through to their sacred alters and blowing up 'sincere seekers' in the smoke of the wrath of satan's urgency - seeing that his time is short upon man. Jesus said: "upon this revealed truth, will my church be built and no gate of hell shall prevail against it."

While many extol the bravery with which one of our most-esteemed elders, and father, Prof. Chinua Achebe, tried to make the bitter truths of Nigeria chewable, the majority of those who have hitherto fed the spirit of Nigeria's decay are yet to understand that, as long as nothing is ever hidden under the sun, every callous injustice will inevitably return home to their creators with burning desires to test their surprising impacts upon their gods - gods of gross injustice, wickedness and hell. There's nothing hidden under the sun; it shall be revealed.

Biafra and her children have and are still being unjustly related to. Let those who claim originality and dominion over Lagos and Abuja stop and think: who gave life to these crowds and lights and growths? As Ahmadu Bello once said, "The Igbo are a type of people who like to dominate everybody by starting as labourers and aspiring to grow into head-men within one year." The only life and light in Nigeria comes from the rejected stone, the land of the rising son. Let those who worship oil and man follow the darkness; the Igbo were bought from inception by the God of Israel and for Him alone we are! To the East go; the Spirit and the Truth lives there! There's no other averting of the punishment still revealing and releasing its volcanic venoms upon and against Nigeria, except through the freedom and independence of Biafrans and Biafra. Biafra lives!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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