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THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 9th September 1990

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 9th September 1990
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Samuel Doe, the 21st President of Liberia, was executed following his capture by rebel forces led by Prince Yormie Johnson.

Doe had seized power through a military coup d'état on 12th April 1980 killing the President, William R. Tolbert, Jr, and establishing himself as the first "indigenous" head of state since the formation of Liberia on 16th July 1847. Prior to the Doe led coup political leadership in Liberia had been dominated by Americo-Liberians - Africans (and their descendants) liberated from slavery in the Americas.

Following his coe Doe was subsequently elected as President after Liberia adopted a new constitution in 1985, though these elections were condemned as fraudulent by many in the "international community."

The torture and assassination of Doe in 1990 was videotaped and shown on news reports around the world. The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is thought to have played a major role in Doe's assassination and the subsequent civil wars which devastated Liberia:

This video clip is the first of six entitled Liberia; America's Stepchild:

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