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There was once an old man in a part of Igboland whose activities became the shame of his children, family and the entire town. As old as he was, he did not only indulge in drug abuse, he rallied hopeless and helpless youths to do same, thereby creating mass-insecurity in the town. He was given enough time and advice both by elders and relatives, enough advice to understand the consequences of the generation he was trying to raise even at his old age. As an elderly man, even the youths covered their heads in honor to tell him that “Okenye amaghi ekwu ezi okwu bu onye aru. Yet he ignored them all…until time overcame him and judgment descended. He was arrested by the town's legally-instituted security outfit. He was arrested and tied to a tree in front of a tree in the town's market for a day. The sun shined on him and the rain fell on him until it was night when he was released. To many who would readily condemn such steps, your motives remain questionable and dark before the eyes our maker and before a true government of the people, for the people and by the people. The intention to treat him this way was not only to deter him and others from doing such, it was carried out this way to get him to understand that he would not die if he stayed a day without abusing drugs, but that the town and its people would utterly perish if they allowed him to continue. The effect: he got saved and the society was rid of that evil foundation. Now, realizing that our elders and leaders and internationally-recognized persons of Igbo/Biafra origin have gone the way of this very old man, not by abusing drugs, but by abusing their eldership and leadership and by laying the foundations and sowing the seeds of a will-be utterly wasted Igbo of tomorrow, I am going to use this space to speak to them as one who speaks to the king/elder with his face covered; yet I'm going to speak it pointblank. However, after this piece of passionate and cautious advice and warning, they still fail to retrace their steps, it should be clear to them that, their public disgrace is in sight and that no part of the world will be safe enough for their evasion of justice. Furthermore, I write to remind them that “Ofu onye adighi akari ora.” They will be crushed by the Spirit and the passion of Biafra and of freedom.

Having said this, I would like to point to a few names of the so-called Igbo leaders and elders whom I remember now: All the five (5) South-East Governors (past and present), all the Tradition Rulers (appointed or inherited), all Senators (past and present), all National House of Assembly members (past and present), all State House of Assembly members (past and present), all Igbo/Biafra Ministers (past and present), all Igbo/Biafra Commissioners (past and present), all Igbo/Biafra Ambassadors (past and present), all Igbo/Biafra politicians in places of authorities, all Igbo/Biafra Human Rights activists, all Igbo/Biafra internationally acclaimed scholars, all Igbo elders (men and women), all Igbo Religious Bodies (Christianity and traditional), all Igbo “Ziks” of Nigeria, all Pro-Biafra groups, etc. I see Biafra here! One more thing I see is the death of Zikism (which true meaning and processes only amount to an extinct Igbo/Biafran race), whatever that means to other people. I see the doom of all Igbo “Ziks of Nigeria. I see the shame of those who have always thought that their financial, gun-propelled and abominable political, traditional and religious powers are both the enslavement and the destiny of the abused, insulted, shamed, massacred, and disgraced; marginalized, denied, bound and compelled Igbo/Biafrans.

I see the Spirit of Biafra defying all injustices, all falsehood, all obstructions, all oppositions, and “all that money can buy,” to stand in the lead of the peoples' desire for freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. I see Igbo/Biafran children/youths, who have endured the burden of the stranger so much so that they now preferred death (if destiny desires it so) than to keep drowning in unreasonable and senseless silence over the silence, wickedness, self-alone attitude, total abandonment, open insult, callousness, arrogance, pride and Godness of those who have made themselves/been declared Igbo leaders I see them rise up even as the locust upon a green field, to devour all trees of unrighteousness and silence all voices of the enemy. Like that old wicked man, who wasted the goodwill, love and respect of his people, I see our elders, who have ignored, neglected, abandoned, suppressed, threatened, and silenced the cries of our people for Biafra, our only freedom and peace, being held down and made so helpless, hopeless and ashamed right before all – young and old alike.

I see a man like Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State (The Eastern Heartland) being swallowed by his plots which he started even in the secret and tried to cover with his philanthropic veils. I see his desire to change the God of his people and to fully manifest as an Antichrist, right in the middle of a God-fearing people, being shattered, and all his nakedness being revealed to all - enemies and friends alike. I see him and all he has ever worked for being swept away by the flood of the anger of the Spirit of Biafra and His children. I see a man like Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State, the man who erected a job-creating structure States away from his people, those he declared himself humble, loving and understanding enough to lead aright; the leader who chose his business interests over the salvation of his people, and who would sell, not just his family but his kinsmen to his taskmaster; I see him rot in the burning fire ignited by the spirit of the love of money. I see this man who is so deceitful and cunning enough to have declared himself a son to our father, late General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu; fatherless and childless. Then I see the Orjis of Abia, who have the blessed made Abia State worse than an European dustbin, and their people, beggars on the highways of Europe; I see these people being destroyed from within and by those they have stolen and killed and oppressed for. For the Elechi of Ebonyi State, who shouted that, “instead of a divided Nigeria, the Igbo should continue being killed in their numbers;” I see him as a man who enters his grave by stoning. I see a man who went home as a bat, usu na abughi anu elu ma obu anu ala. Knowledge abounds! When will men use it! I see a sick man who, like others before and with him, has been silent and has tried to silence the voice of the Spirit of Biafra, in Enugu government house. If the complacence of King Ahab over his wife who helped to bring the anger of God on the people of Israel was not enough excuse for innocence, those leaders who are silent will be silenced. I see those women who are being cheered by all nationally and internationally, who have grown proud and above their husbands and elders, who no longer understand that motherhood is the mother of all nor do they respect the Igbo/Biafra Spirit; I see them cry even for their own children. When a woman loses the child she loves so much, a greater part of her world comes to an end.

For those who speak of “Offor na Ogu,” of Obi na Offala,” or Nze na Ozor,” yet would not do what the land says, I see men who the land kills with merciless anger. For some of our leaders who are so educationally all-knowing, internationally worshipped, who have decided that Igbo/Biafra freedom would be nothing but a history in books and movies, I see men and women in fine robes who suddenly find themselves disrobed, naked, and unknown. Worse off, I see men, who have begun and given all for the cause of Igbo/Biafra freedom, but who have suddenly turned back and surrendered themselves and those who believed in them to the very enemy; I see them wander the earth like the Cains of our days and I see men despise even bringing about their death. Those who claim to be the eyes and ears of God in Igbo/Biafra yet have only succeeded in defrauding my people and making matters worse for them, they are all left alone to their shame! I see them asked to prove their sources and I see their failure trigger mass exodus.

Like Amaziah unto Amos, many would say, “you seer, leave us alone, go to other place and see!” Well, I will answer them thus: To the men who would not want justice to reign, may justice be denied them. To those who hate the truth, let everything around them bring them messages of falsehood, deceit and death. To those who would rather that I be shut up, let everything that God has created and given freely, and all that man has made, deny you access of usage. To all the leaders who, after having seen the wickedness of Nigeria and its government on/against the remnants of Igbo/Biafrans, still looked the other way; to you may your sources of hope and joy be your sure sources of public shame and destruction. To the elders who have declared that Israel should rather remain in Egypt than leave, may your sons and daughters, whom you raised in the way of your abominations and under the foundations of your wickedness, be enslaved as men were in Egypt, and may you be unable to deliver them. To our elders (men and women) who would rather encourage their children into individual crimes instead of standing up as one voice to demand the future of their children from the hand of Pharaoh, the Lord remind you of Moses' mother and of Joseph's father. And if you will not repent and stand up as one, may you be judged as Jezebel was and disgraced as Herod. To all elders in Igbo/Biafra who have worked and continue to work, in any way, against the freedom of Igbo/Biafra, and against the realization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, away from Nigeria, by their silence, selfish and callous representations, let your children deny you and your wives/husbands divorce you. Let your family, kindred and town renounce you. And let children, all over Biafraland, use your names bywords and curse-words in their songs to remind the generations to come of how abominations were removed from Igbo and Biafraland.

I see Biafra here! I see it come. I see the Spirit leading once again and I see every true Igbo/Biafran sons and daughters following right behind. The days of ignorance are gone; the days of pity are gone. The days of silence and submissive slavery are gone. The chains of silence are broken and the people long-enslaved have seen the light of freedom. Who can stop them from being free! Let heaven and earth pass away if the peace that God has promised his people through His word do not come upon us who belong to Him. Let those who have made pacts with the devil to ensnare all of us ensnare only themselves. Let those who have made pacts and agreements with the enemy, using the lives of our people, be used as the sacrifice instead because our people are forever delivered. To all leaders/elders in Igbo/Biafraland who have worked in ignorance till now, but who would want to be on the side of good history, turn around now and face the Spirit of Biafra, the spirit of peace and freedom for the Igbo, for the Biafrans, and for all those oppressed and compelled to remain silent. No! I see Biafra here. I see the Spirit of Biafra, and He is here to stay

Written by Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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