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Meet the Fraudster and conman Felix Twumasi-Appiah, NDC Member of Parliament for Sene.

Meet the Fraudster and conman Felix Twumasi-Appiah, NDC Member of Parliament for Sene.
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Twumasi Appiah used to be a fiery critic of the Kufuor's administration. He was also an active member of Kwesi Pratt's Committee for Joint Action. His penchant for criticism of policy initiated by the NPP Government came after he had gone through a baptism of fire in an exchange between him and the then Speaker of Parliament, late Peter Ala-Adjetey.

One day while presiding over the affairs of Parliament, a strange hand shot up and came down quickly. Again the hand went up. The Speaker adjusted his glasses and peered down the floor. Then, the Honourable Speaker asked rhetorically, amidst laughter from both sides of the House who the fragile-looking figure standing on the floor of the House was “Who are you? Are you a member of this House?” Honourable Twumasi Appiah timidly answered that he was a member of the House and was representing Sene Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region.

That brief interactive encounter between he and the then Speaker of Parliament gave him the confidence he needed. From then on time he moved from one Television/FM Radio Station to attack the New Patriotic Party. It was a relentless attack on everything the party did.

It was he who first came up with the “All die be die mantra”. Notorious Kwesi Pratt's CJA was going on a demonstration. It was the one Kwesi Pratt, the traitor went and took pictures of the so-called “Hotel de waa waa”. That action of his could be said to be in line with the “All die be die” mantra. When asked what he would do in view of the fact that the odds were heavily stashed against the demonstrator, Twumasi Appiah replied that he would defend himself by arming himself. This was said live on air.

But after that, the latter day firebrand critic of the NPP administration fizzled out from public view and has not been heard since. I will tell you why and how he, like President Mills is now out of coverage area.

What Ghanaians did not know was the fact that beyond the boyish looks of the Sene MP, were many skeletons hidden in his cupboard. In fact, Honourable Twumasi Appiah has revealed how unhonourable he is by engaging in nefarious activities which were not in consonance with his status as an MP. In plain language, Felix Twumasi-Appiah is a serial conman and fraudster carved in the mould of Al-Capone. Not once, not twice but thrice was he involved in and arrested for fraudulent practices. Yes, this is the truth which is very well documented.

The first involved his arrest by the Police for defrauding one, Charles Dedjoe, a businessman to the tune of $800,000.00. Twumasi-Appiah sold fake gold dust to the businessman who was then in Amsterdam when the MP called him and offered to sell 50 kilograms of gold from Burkina Faso at a price of $16,000 per kilo. The complainant rushed to Ghana and sought to have the stuff authenticated and so asked that they went to the Geological Survey Department. The Sene MP agreed, but suggested that only a sample be tested. The complainant suspected foul play and insisted on the whole quantity being tested. This, hionourable Twumasi Appiah vehemently opposed.

Mr Dedjoe secretly put a call to the police who stormed the location and arrested the MP and his accomplices. But one of them managed to escape in a blue-black Mercedes Benz Car 190.

Mr Dedjoe, narrating the story said on the eve of the day of the arrest, the MP had contacted the GSD, using a company he claimed was called Rocks and Rizers to have the gold tested. The Geological Survey Department found out that the tested sample was contaminated with iron and other metals.

Whereas the MP claimed he knew Mr Dedjoe as a personal friend, the later denied ever knowing the former from Adam and that he was introduced to him by a foreigner on November 3, 2006 when he, Twumasi Appiah brought 20 kilograms of gold which turned out to be brass when they went to a gold smith at Adabraka to have it tested. Mr Dedjoe said he did not want to embarrass the MP and so did not report that incident to the Police.

The MP on his part said a friend had called to tell him that some people had in their possession 50 kilos of gold which they wanted to sell and sought his assistance to get them a buyer. He contacted his friend, Mr Charles Dedjoe who decided to come down personally for the transaction due to the quantity involved. They decided to meet at the offices of the Geological Survey Department on Thursday November 23, 2006. When Mr Dedjoe delayed in getting to the GSD, he proceeded to have the sample tested as a representative of the buyer. When he eventually arrived, He Mr Dedjoe asked that the whole quantity be tested and that the box containing the 50kilos of the stuff be opened in their presence.

The case was given wider publicity in the Daily Guide newspaper of Monday, November 27, 2006 (no.1886) under the screaming headline “NDC MP BUSTED Over Fake Gold”. The MP was arraigned before the courts and granted bail for reportedly selling some fake Gold to Mr Charles Dedjoe, CEO of GP Company Limited. Since the change of Government took place, the Police and the Attorney General's Department appear to have developed cold feet over the case.

But a thief will always remain a thief; for once an Ataa Ayi, always an Ataa Ayi. Since when has the grass shopper attended a gathering of animals? Since when has our elected President, Baba Go Slow been proactive in his action? By 2pm. Mr President is sleeping snoring deeply at his plush office at the Castle, oblivious at the sufferings and problems of Ghanaians. And so, it is with Honourable Felix Twumasi Appiah, NDC MP for Sene Constituency! Character, like pregnancy, cannot be hidden for long.

A look at the Daily Graphic of Wednesday, June 2, 2010 (No 18241) had this inscription on the top part of the Front Page “Charge Sene MP for Fraud – Court. (Turn to page 3)”. The story on page three of the paper was by one Seth J. Bokpe.

“The Accra Circuit Court yesterday directed the Police to take steps to formally charge the MP for Sene, Mr Felix Twumasi-Appiah, for fraud, saying parliamentary immunity did not mean that he could not answer charges against him”.

The above extract from the Daily Graphic depicts that the leopard cannot under any circumstances change its spots or colours. The facts of the case are that the complainant, Juan Francisco Lozano, a Spanish businessman, was on a visit to Ghana to transact business. In March 2010, Nana Kwame Donkor, another businessman had a transaction with Mr Lozano for Mr Donkor's company to supply Mr Lozano with gold in 3 tranches worth $160,000. According to the Prosecution, Nana Donkor contacted the MP to help transfer the money back to the complainant in installments, since it was not possible to transfer the amount in cash through the banks.

As a result, two blank cheques were signed by Nana Donkor for the accused persons to facilitate the transfer. The money was to get to Spain through two persons called Ishmael and Ibrahim. When Nana Donkor sent the money through the accounts of the two, they bolted with it. In addition, Nana Donkor paid $50,000 as part payment to the Police for the money to be given to the complainant.

Honourabe Twumasi Appiah, MP for Sene directed one Carlos a Spaniard fiend of Mr Lozano to go to the office of the then Commander of the Commercial Unit, Superintendent Yaa Tiwaa Danso. There, Carlos claimed that Mr Lozano was sick and could not come to Ghana. He had therefore instructed him (Carlos) to collect the money on his behalf. This was at the instance of our Honourable MP. If this is not con activity of the highest order, what would you call that?

It was only later after contacting Nana Donkor over the remaining amount that Lozano was told that it had been given to the police to be given back to him. Lozano contacted the Police and was told the money had been sent to him through his friend, Carlos.

You see, it is not all that glitters which is gold. Honourable Twumasi Appiah has brought the name of the August House into disrepute with his shady deals. But are you surprised? You shouldn't for what he did was in alignment with his party's trait of being “nefarious”. But what made him do that? The answer is not far-fetched. The man, Twumasi Appiah is rotten to the bones. He cannot go near a place where decency is the password. He would be denied entry. Hell wouldn't even able to accommodate all his fraudulent acts. But the nefarious Destructive Cancer is using the umbrella to shield him from the scorching attacks of Ghanaian citizens

Why should he twice be involved in issues concerning fraudulent gold practices? Why should the case against him be discontinued? The NDC made the issue of prosecution of the murderers of Issah Mobillah a campaign issue. When the party came to power, they allowed one of the three suspects to escape from lawful custody and it took more than seven months after his escape before they told us. By that time, the escaped “convict” had covered all tracks which would make it very difficult to apprehend and bring him to justice. Is this case following a similar trend? I think so.

Isn't it crystal clear that the Nefarious Destructive Cancer harbours a lot of crooks, conmen, fraudsters, arsonists, rapists, bootlickers and what have you as exemplified by the conduct of this disgraced MP who has been given refuge under the umbrella of Baba Go Slow's Party?

Considering the fact that this serial fraudster who also doubles as a member of our august law-making body claims to be an investment consultant, I shudder to think of the number of prospective investors he had through his fraudulent activities led down the primrose road to bankruptcy. I also shudder to think of a similar number of dubious people, who for fear of themselves being labeled crooks and fraudsters for attempting to double cross other criminally-minded persons also ended up fallen victims to the rapacious and insatiable greed of the undignified Felix Twumasi Appiah. And as the saying goes, 'cunning man die, cunning man bury am”. But that is not the issue at stake here. Honourable Felix Twumasi Appiah is an 'honourable' Member of Parliament and Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.

What has happened to all the fraudulent and criminal cases against Felix Twumasi Appiah? Why terminate the court action midstream? Is it because, the Nefarious Destructive Cancer, the party to which he belongs is the ruling government? What are the Police and the Inspector General of Police doing about the case? What advice has the Attorney General given to the moribund Baba Go Slow's Administration? And lastly, what is our President, who happens to be a law Professor saying about it?

A criminal action was committed nearly six years ago. A similar criminal act was committed two years ago, also by the same person. This untouchable “crook” is walking the various streets of Ghana a free person. What is happening?

Is Felix Twumasi Appiah a sacred cow!
I pause for an answer!!

Daniel Danquah Damptey (0243715297)
([email protected]) ([email protected])

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