09.07.2012 Feature Article

Kumawu kontrihene seeks police protection against demonstrators

Kumawu kontrihene seeks police protection against demonstrators
09.07.2012 LISTEN

Kumawu krontrihene has had the fright of his life for the first time today, Monday, 9th July 2012. He ran to the Kumawu police station very early this morning to seek police protection. Even a dog running away from danger with her tail tucked in-between her legs wouldn't run that fast.

Kumawu youth demonstrated against the annihilation of Kumawu under the watch of the Kontrihene and the queen. They believe the actions of the two mentioned persons have cost Kumawuman essential development. Their continual deprivation of Kumawuman of a paramount chief; their connivance with other chiefs to sell Kumawuman stool lands without recourse to governing traditional and statutory laws have angered the youths.

Although it was a peaceful demonstration, the Kontrihene out of guilty consciousness felt he had better seek police protection before he was overtaken by circumstances. He did the right thing as it says, “Prevention is better than cure” I doff my hat to him on his sense of judgment about his safety even though harming him was not on the agenda of the demonstrators, I should hope.

Will he continue to steal from Kumawuman now that the youths have become conscious of their duties and obligations to themselves and posterity? They have become aware that their inaction to defend the property bequeathed to them by their forefathers will be questioned by the future generation and declared guilty. Will the Kontrihene from today continue to encourage dubious acts against his own people and place of birth because of his selfish gains?

Kumawuhemaa is now well and back to Kumawu on her feet as usual. I thank God for her good health. She instructed the police to stop the peaceful demonstration but her orders fell flat.

It is a lesson well learnt by the demonstrators, the queen and the Kontrihene, the connivers seeking the perpetual downfall of Kumawuman and all interest holders. When the fool becomes conscious of himself, awakes to his useful societal obligations, then the game of underestimation of intelligence has ended. What a congratulatory awareness by the Kumawuman youths.

John Fosu