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09.06.2012 Africa

Two Foreigners Shot Dead In Nyakuron West Area

By Akol Ayom
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8 June 2012—(Juba) —Two people were shot death in Nyakuron West area early Friday by unknown gunmen, including a pregnant woman.

The two were identified as, a man from Liberia and the pregnant woman from Kenya.

This incident follows the killing of a man in the same area last week.

The resident of Nyakuron West blamed the police personnel in the area for the deteriorating insecurity.

[Voxpop]: “The thing that happened, the people that we saw they had the uniform of the police. So all of us we are confused, is it the police or the thieves, are they good people or bad people? Our cry today or the message that we are passing to the government is to try and penetrate inside and to do the investigation who are these people who are killing daily. Every week we are contributing, a person has been shot.”

[Voxpop]: “What happened in Nyakuron, we should not say we have criminals in Nyakuron. The police that we have here are the criminals here in Nyakuron. Mister Police Inspector should know this, the criminals are these police, not any body from Nyakuron, and Mister Inspector you should know this very well.”

The Inspector General of the Police, General Tito Acuil said they will investigate and dismiss all policemen who are involved in such case

He called on the citizens to be vigilant and work with the police to identify suspects.

[Tito Acuil]: “There are people who are bad among us. We will work hard such that we uproot them. If you say all people are bad we shall have no people that will bring change or security. Let the responsibility of this place be for all of us. From now I am going to organize the youth and I will organize the police that you work with them together. And if there is a place, the government shall put a Police Station to protect you.”

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