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"Ebre dane " – (Time Changes), says a Kumawuman Cit izen.


"As human life is in stages, so is time which constantly changes", says a Kumawuman citizen resident in Maryland, USA. Nobody ever thought Kumawuhemaa who is notorious for insulting and beating people would ever cringe at the appearance of a far younger royal, Nana Akua. Indeed, wonders will never cease, he concludes.

Kumawuhemaa had for sometime become a parrot, chirping insults at people regardless of their social status. She often suffers the sub-chiefs to her absurd tantrum and sarcastic insults during Kumawuman Traditional Council meetings. Those who merit beatings like Kwame Adu are never spared the ordeal or the rod.

Anyway, the late Kofi Dadzie's younger sister, Nana Akua, has affrighted Kumawuhemaa. This younger woman, an upcoming amateur boxer with filthy words up her sleeve has caused Kumawuhemaa to flee Kumawu. The Ohemaa scarily drove to Accra like a frightened dog scuttling away from danger with its tail tucked in-between its legs. She has determined to ensure Kumawuhemaa does not rear her face at Kofi Dadzie's funeral scheduled for Saturday 17 December 2011. If she does, a fight will ensue between both of them, she has vowed.

I personally appeal to Nana Akua not to do anything silly that will spoil Kofi's funeral. She should be careful not to turn the funeral into a derisive spectacle. She should forgive the queen for whatever evils she perceives her to have done to Kofi. I recommend Akwasi Ampofo Agyei's song, "Ebre dane" for Kumawuhemaa. It will be a perfect 2011 Christmas song for her. Whoever thought "Lady Tyson" would run away from a friendly non-title bout, as strong and professional in insults and pugilism as she is? Nevertheless, here is a young inexperienced woman standing up taller than she to cause her to flee Kumawu.

I request the FM radio stations in Ghana and the Ghanaian FM radio stations abroad, to play the following songs for Kumawuman citizens the worldwide.

1. "Dabi dabi a ebe ye yie" by Amakye Dede for Kumawuman citizens. Not all their cries and supplications to God Almighty to liberate them from the hopeless traditional rule by Kumawuhemaa and her Ankaase royals will be in vain. I am by this song giving them hope.

2. "Obaa bi ato me so bo3" by Daddy Lumba. This song goes to a Ghanaian friend in Canada whose wife absconded with another man (the husband's own best friend snatching his wife). Information reaching me indicates that the woman's affair with her lover has hit the rocks. She may want to come back hence forewarning my friend.

You are to listen quietly to the lyrics to make your own informed decisions.

John Fosu

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