31.10.2011 Feature Article


31.10.2011 LISTEN

Biafrans or Igbo in Nigerian military forces owe it as their duty and moral obligation to their native Homeland of Biafra to mutiny against their Nigerian commanders and state authority. It is simple enough to justify such action; forty something years ago the Nigerian state, Nigerian military and civilians separately and collectively murdered a total of 3.1 million of Igbo/Biafran people in a genocidal orgy of the worst kind that has ever taken place on the African continent. Genocide is crime against humanity and that is what Nigeria and its citizens committed against the Igbo/Biafran ethnic people. Every crime should be redressed, especially the crime against humanity. And it is on the Igbo/Biafra people to work on redressing this crime against them. The reasons why the Nigerian state embarked on such inexcusable atrocity against Igbo/Biafrans were ethnic hatred and Islamic religious bigotry.

Fighting back crime and punishing criminals help to advance and reform the human society in more than one way. When crimes are resisted and adequately punished the victim's pain is at least psychologically mitigated and would-be criminals tend to be discouraged and even deterred when enforceable punitive measures are in place and the people actually see offenders punished for their crimes. For nearly fifty years the Nigerian state and its criminal citizens have continued to act with impunity in all facets of vices and criminality because in all these years they have come to believe that there is no consequence for any heinous crimes such as the one they committed and still commit against Igbo/Biafrans. And because the victims have kept quiet up till now about their pain the silence helps to reduce the dignity of both the victims and the criminals as human beings. Such attitude of acquiescence from the victim is even worse because it sends the wrong signal to the bully and encourages him/her to become even more vicious. Accepting to suffer in the name of whatever reason such as being experienced in Nigeria today by Igbo/Biafran people without making attempts to change an uncomfortable situation does not make anyone a better or “educated or civilized” human being but rather debases their humanity. Neither does such a dehumanized response to human experience make such people a more tolerant society. Tolerance of the tyrant and injustice either against oneself or in another can never be justified by the victim. Such response is just as evil in the victim as in the perpetrator. So all Igbo/Biafra people everywhere if you do not rise up today and resist, fight and drive away Nigeria from your Biafra Land, you are equally guilty or worse.

We are calling on all people of Biafran origin to rise up and resist the genocidist state of Nigeria and demand for justice for the 3.1 million of their people who were unjustly murdered by Nigeria between 1966 and 1970. Biafrans of today must work and use every means available to them to avenge the crimes committed against them by Nigeria and Nigerians. All Biafrans alive today must be reminded that the dead cannot avenge themselves so it is the living that must avenge the injustice committed against the dead and the living.

Nigeria and Nigerians must be punished and justice must be seen to be done concerning the Nigerian Genocide in Biafra. This punishment must be initiated and executed by all living Igbo/Biafrans today. They cannot wait for either United Nations or any such bodies to do this job for them. It is the responsibility of all Igbo/Biafrans everywhere both in and outside the military to rise up now against Nigeria. This is a mission that every true son and daughter born to all Igbo/Biafrans must embark on. No one is exempted. The mission is all-inclusive, it is right and it is justified. It is the one heroic act that all Igbo/Biafran must get involved in. As an Igbo/Biafran you can undertake this mission individually or collectively but by all means please start toady to carry out this fight. This is how to be Igbo or Biafran, indeed this is how to be a human being. Any Igbo or Biafran anywhere who would not take up this challenge has elected to place him/herself on the same level of the beast, less than a human being.

All the sons and daughters of Igbo/Biafra origin in the Nigerian military will also need to be reminded about the 1966 pogrom committed against their people by the Nigerian state, they cannot afford to let that repeat itself. They cannot for any reason put down their necks to be hacked off again by the brutal Nigerian Islamic bigots and ethnic jingoists of the Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani and others. The shame of 1966 when the heartless Hausa, Yoruba and Fulani in a counter coup and mutiny against Aguiyi Ironsi's command rounded up Southeastern or Biafran officers and men and killed them like chickens can never be allowed to happen again. Biafrans of today owe to themselves and Homeland – Biafra, the duty to work through any kind of tactics and maneuver to subvert Nigeria's military and government in order to free Biafra and her people from the shackles and debasing existence in the disgrace of the Nigerian state.

The people of Biafra's ultimate and indeed all allegiance are to their Fatherland – Biafra, Land of the Rising Sun. The reason why they must think and work along this line is because if they should refuse to revolt today against Nigeria they will become the victims of Nigeria's genocidal tendencies over and over again. It is time for all officers and men of Biafran origin in Nigerian and other countries' militaries the world over to use their intellectual abilities and networks to think homewards; think of Biafra and her freedom. It is time to free Biafra, it is time to become proactive about it and it is the responsibility of all Biafrans everywhere. For all who still think that things will turn out right at the end of the day, there can never be a more mistaken conception. Take a cue from the science of agriculture; no one leaves their farm to grow wild and expect a well-cultured or bumper harvest. From today we can project and predict outcomes into the future and consciously work to achieve them. As an Igbo/Biafran, fight against Nigeria in your mind, physically on the streets, in the bushes and trenches, on the air and on the water. All must take up arms of any kind that is available to them and fight Nigeria on every front until Biafra and her people are finally free of all oppressions and completely independent of the genocidal state of Nigeria. This call goes to all Biafrans everywhere in all fields of life; all must answer to this and help save a people. Forget about Nigeria, the Hausa, Yoruba and Fulani; they can all take care of themselves. Igbo or Biafrans have nothing in common with these people who remorselessly murdered them out of ethnic hatred and religious bigotry; they can only be good neighbors but never as fellow citizens of the same country. Let Igbo/Biafrans face their own selves and Homeland – Biafra, and all will be well.

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