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The above heading; derived from a recent conversation with a native of Techiman got me thinking about a lot of things in many different ways.

One of such thoughts was the zeal with which we, the people of Ghana, pursue negativities while forgetting to be thankful for what we have. A lot of the time it is rather amazing how trivial some of the issues we choose to pursue are compared to the mammoth challenge of underdevelopment grinning at us from ear to ear.

I have been staying in Techiman for some time now and I must confess that the nature of trivial politicking and the sharp political polarization of the area is a wonder. The radio stations have also found their strategic positions and are manning these positions strongly in this game of political football.

Sadly, anytime this issue comes up in a discussion, I am reminded harshly that the issue of Techiman could be projected and would still remain a good description of the Ghanaian political landscape in its entirety.

Politics has become a battle of mudslinging and demonization of each other; a dirty game that keeps throwing onetime good friends into enmity.

The days when we used to discuss what is good for the nation or our respective communities for the sake of development are over (or so it seems). It is now virtually impossible to talk about national development without putting on our political lenses(of different shapes and magnifications). Neither can we talk about our political leaders without drawing our political paints and brushes which are often black or white.

In most cases, the leaders we sling mud at, are rather accomplished individuals who would have been doing wonders for themselves and their families absent politics whiles the painters are barely qualified for even their painting jobs.

As much as I agree that castigations and rewards be meted out, I also believe they should be meted out when due, and with the best of intentions while maintaining a high standard of respect for our leaders.

The verbal violence that has become synonymous with our politics is indeed a bad precedence which is also foreign to our culture and must be out rightly condemned.

Zooming in on my focal area, I would say that Techiman is a town that is indeed blessed by God.

Techiman Municipality is situated in the central part of BrongAhafo Region.It shares common boundaries with four other districts; three in BrongAhafo Region and one in Ashanti Region. The Wenchi Municipality lies to the northwest, Kintampo South District to the northeast, Nkoranza South District to the South-East and Offinso-North District (in the Ashanti Region) to the south.

The Municipality covers an area of 669.7km2 representing approximately 1.69% of the surface area of BrongAhafo Region. The Municipal capital, Techiman is a major market Centre and a nodal town, where roads from the three northern regions converge. Trunk roads from Sunyani, Kumasi, Wa and Tamale all meet at Techiman thus making it a bustling food crop market and commercial centre.

Techiman is blessed with lots of agricultural and mineral resources. Sandstone, shale, mudstone and limestone are readily available, and can be harnessed for the ever expanding constructional sector in the Municipality.

Tourist attractions so abound that sadly, some of them are not being well maintained.

The municipality is blessed with one of the biggest markets in the whole of the country and perhaps beyond. People of different backgrounds keep trooping in to conduct various businesses.

Aside all these, Techiman is also blessed with good leadership. The traditional Council led by the Paramount chief OseadeyoAkumfiAmeyaw IV, the Municipal Assembly led by the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alex Kyeremeh among others, offer great leadership for Techiman and its people.

Despite some of these blessings, it is interesting that people would wake up and berate their leaders who are in earnest fighting hard to bring development projects into the municipality merely for political expediency.

It is time the people of Techiman start appreciating the many blessings given them and rejoice over them. It is time they cooperate with their God sent Municipal Chief Executive who has already done so much and continues to do more. It is time we stopped shouting at each other on radio every morning over things that would not enhance our progress.

I believe that Techiman would become a pinnacle of development soon if the residents unite oblivious of partisan political inclinations and set a developmental agenda for themselves under the leadership of their traditional and local government leaders.

For, we will begin to see the way forward if we begin to count our blessings thus far.


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