04.09.2011 Feature Article

Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied

Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied
04.09.2011 LISTEN

Thus saith the Lord, "Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, and let not the strong man glory in his strength, and let not the rich man glory in his riches" But most Ghanaian judges do not only glory in their knowledge of the law but by tactical discrimination, they do abuse their position to enrich themselves. They most often favour their friends from whom they have received financial, sexual etc. favours. No wonder therefore that Dr. "Nana Okumkra" Kwabena Adjei had moronically desired to inflict his perceived politically correct, but infamously insane and injurious, "many ways to kill the cat" exterminatory plans on the Ghanaian judiciary.

I will discuss one Kumasi High Court judge out of the many perceived to indulge in what may be corruptibly degrading actions that portray the Ghanaian judge in a bad light. He is that judge presiding over an act of financial impropriety committed by Kumawu Kontrihene, Kumawu Saanahene and Kumawu Samaahene. This mentioned trio in connivance with Kumawuhemaa dubiously withdrew 860 Million old Ghana Cedis (GHC 86,000) from the Kumawu Traditional Council's coffers shortly after the death of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, the paramount chief of Kumawuman. He passed in June 2007. They withdrew the money and distributed it among themselves with the lion's share of GHC 40,000 going to Kumawuhemaa without the knowledge of, or the approval by, the Traditional Council. It was a pure thievery committed by the mentioned personalities in broad daylight. In a fruitless attempt to justify their action, they assigned the mother-of-all flimsiest excuses.

Kontrihene with his gang of embezzlers accepted and apologised for the fraudulence of their actions before a panel composed of two clergies, Lawyer Asiedu Basoah and others (names shortly forgotten). They accepted to reimburse Kumawu Aduanahene & Co for their cost incurred in instituting a court action directed at retrieving the misappropriated GHC86, 000 against them. The asking cost was within the region of GHC 5,000.

Kontrihene and his bunch of misfits, embezzlers, defaulted in payment. The case was then taken back to court where the trial judge (name temporarily withheld), castigated them for reneging on their promises made before the arbitrators.

What do we see from the judge who initially outwardly seemed to be stern, fair and just? Over three years down the line, he keeps postponing the hearing of the case let alone, rendering a verdict. Have Kontrihene & Co not greased his palm with a few wads of GHC? A Ghanaian judge who takes bribes always postpones cases before him without any convincing justification. He appears obliged by guilt to defer the hearing of cases hoping to decide them in favour of the one from who he has accepted bribe even though he/she may be the guilty party.

One would at least expect the judge to order Kontrihene and Co. to deposit the stolen money into a special account to be set up by the court pending the judgment of the case. The judge has not bothered to tow this sensible professional line of justice.

To His Lordship Justice (name withheld), be it known to you that, "Justice does not begin at the courthouse nor does it end there" and also, "Obedience to the law is demanded; not asked as a favour"

John Fosu