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15.08.2011 Politics

The Obinim Love Tape

By Daily Guide
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DAILY GUIDE brings to its valued readers the many circulated tapes which exposed the alleged sexual escapades of Bishop Daniel Obinim, the founder and leader of God's Way International Ministry, which led to his attack of Hot FM, leading to other series of events.

The tapes include the 33-year-old bishop's plea to Mrs Gifty Pokua Fobi, the wedded wife of his junior pastor, William Fobi, with whom he repeatedly had extramarital sex.

This was after Gifty had threatened to reveal their amorous affair following her suspicions that Bishop Obinim was having sexual relations with other ladies in the church at a hotel in Bonwire.

The second tape captures Pastor Williams Fobi narrating the raw deal handed him by his senior pastor to a friend, whereas the other tape contains the conversation which took place at a mediation meeting between Apostle Yaw Antwi, General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal Council and Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare of the Word Miracle Church, aimed at arriving at an amicable settlement of Bishop Obinim's sexual onslaught on his junior pastor's wife.

TAPE ONE:-Bishop Obinim begs Gifty not to disclose their love affair:

Obinim: Please, you know I am not only a big man in the country but a pastor as well who preaches on both TV and radio, so if you disclose this secret, you will collapse me and my church.

Gifty: You know I have been faithful to you and I would not have threatened to let the cat out of the bag, but what you did to me by bringing other girls into the same hotel room in which we have been sleeping together hurts me so much.

Obinim : Babe, I know but please spare me. I will never ever repeat that again.

Gifty: You are asking me to forgive you because you are a big man, but you don't think about the pain your actions have caused me.

Obinim : Not that but I have to keep my reputation intact.

Gifty: My dear, you know I have been faithful to you all this while, but had it not been the disgrace you caused me in the church because I complained that you are having an affair with some of the ladies in the church, I would not have taken that decision.

Obinim : Babe, I beg you, please change your decision, you know that this is the job I do to take care of you, so if you go public with this issue, the church will collapse and I will not have money to give you or my family as well as my junior pastors.

Obinim : Babe, I promise to give you everything you want including a travel opportunity, a house and a plush car. I even promise to give the whole quantum of offering that would be collected for three main church services.

Gifty: I do not take you serious because I have heard this type of promises including that of you making me your second wife but none of them has been fulfilled yet.

Obinim : This time around, I swear to keep my promise so please help me out in the name of God, the father and the Holy Spirit. Babe, I never intended to disgrace you in front of the congregation but somebody angered me when I travelled to Kumasi, so please forgive me.

Babe, I am telling you, if you let this secret out, I will kill myself. Babe, I love you so please forgive me and do not let this thing out.

Gifty: I love you too. Obinim : Babe, please find a way that will ensure that this issue does not come out so that my image could be intact to enable me to do my job.

Gifty : I am not a kid, so you leave that one to me. My problem is that why should you befriend Abena and other girls in the church when you have told me that I am the one you love?

Obinim: No, it is not true that I have anything to do with Abena, I just call her on the phone to come and do some house chores for me; it is you I love, because you give me the happiness I required when I sleep with you.

As for my wife, her private part is unpleasant and therefore, I do not derive any happiness when I sleep with her. Even if I have to sleep with her, I need to picture you before I am able to do so.

Gifty: So if you do not love her, then why do you entertain her to the extent that she comes to do your house chores for you?

  TAPE 2: Pastor Williams tells a friend the ill-treatment Bishop Obinim has done to him.

–Brother, if I tell you what Bishop Obinim has done to me, you will marvel and also gnash your teeth in disbelief.

—Bishop Obinim has been sleeping with my wife and the issue is not new but a long-standing one since I married her.

—Bishop used money and wild promises including evil spirits to steal the mind of my wife to enable him to sleep with her.

—-I did not know Bishop was into such an indecent behaviour, so I dedicated myself to him and did everything for him to ensure that the church grows.

—-Bishop started to sleep with my wife immediately I approached him and told him that I wanted to marry the girl.

—-When I introduced my wife to her, he collected her number with the excuse that she would be calling her to pray for her so that the marriage would be successful.

—-I did not know that the gifts Bishop used to give my wife including money were a bait to sleep with my wife until my wife confessed to me.

—What pains me most is the fact that even when my wife was pregnant, Bishop continued to have sex with her.

—–The sad aspect is that my wife has told me that a day before our wedding which was officiated by Bishop, he (Bishop Obinim) forced her and slept with her.

—–Because he wanted to continue sleeping with my wife, Bishop told me in front of the congregation that I have low sperm count and that if I sleep with a pregnant woman, the pregnancy would be terminated.

—-In view of this, Bishop convinced my wife to go to her father at Tema so that he could have his way to have sex with my wife on continuously.

—-When she moved to Tema, Bishop took her to Kumasi on Antrak airlines every weekend, where they lodged at a hotel at Bonwire.

—-My wife got angry and therefore decided to tell me everything after Bishop had disgraced her in front of the congregation for attempting to confront him (Obinim) over his amorous relationship with other girls in the church.

—–What hurt my wife was the fact that on May 26, this year, Bishop after calling her to come for money, forced and slept with her, even though, she was experiencing her menstrual flow. After that, he went ahead and disgraced her in front of the congregation three days later.

—What is so painful is the fact that at the time Bishop was having sex with my wife, I was in the room praying for Bishop because he was about to leave Ghana for China.

—–I became suspicious of the relationship between Bishop and my wife but any time I confronted him, he vehemently denied and asked me not to allow people to mar our cordial relationship.

—-Even when some people started to tell me that Bishop was responsible for my wife's pregnancy, I did not believe it till I started to see some strange love text messages from Bishop on my wife's phone when she was in labour at the Ridge Hospital.

—-When I confronted her even with this evidence, Bishop and my wife denied till my wife told the truth when she found it difficult to give birth.

—-When my wife confessed to me, I went mad and therefore went straight to the Bishop's house in Kumasi but did not meet him because he had travelled.

—–I decided to inform Bishop Agyin-Asare when Bishop refused to pay any compensation to me and also refused to take care of my sick baby who could not either walk or function properly in the brain.

—-When we met Bishop Agyin-Asare and Apostle Antwi, Bishop admitted having sex with my wife but again refused to pay me any compensation, daring me to take the issue to wherever I felt I liked.

—-I have since resigned as an associate pastor from the church but my worry is that Bishop has slept with my wife, made my child sick and also made my mother dead because of the disgrace his action has brought on me and my family.

  TAPE 3: Bishop meets Bishop Agyin-Asare and Apostle Antwi for an amicable settlement

Apostle Antwi: Is it true that you have slept with Pastor Williams's wife?

Obinim : Yes, I have slept with her. Apostle Antwi: Why did you do that? Obinim : The girl told me that he did not love her husband and that if she had met me earlier, she would not have married her husband.

She said her husband did not dress well and therefore did not appeal to her and again did not have money to take good care of her.

Apostle Antwi: Stop what you are saying because what you are saying is not enough ground for you to sleep with the girl.

Obinim: Why are you blaming me, did I force the girl or rape her? She made advances at me and told me that she did not love her husband and her husband can even attest to that fact.

Apostle Antwi: I still maintain that you shut up because what you are saying is not logical.

Obinim: You people are intimidating me. Am I the only pastor who has committed sin, after all, I have apologized to my wife and also prayed to God for forgiveness.

If Pastor Williams had not shown me the lady he wanted to marry, this mess would not have come.

Apostle Antwi: This is not a good excuse. You have to compensate him, create a fund to take care of the sick baby.

Obinim: I am not ready to offer any compensation or create any fund to take care of any baby, so anywhere Pastor Williams feels like taking the issue, he has the liberty to do that and this issue is not capable of collapsing this church.

Apostle Antwi, out of anger, left the meeting, leaving Bishop Agyin-Asare at the meeting which failed to yield any positive results.

 From Morgan Owusu, Kumasi