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Kumawuhemaa and Essumejahemaa Outwit Asantehene and AsantemanCouncil

Kumawuhemaa and Essumejahemaa Outwit Asantehene and AsantemanCouncil
12 AUG 2010 LISTEN

"Once born a chatterbox, forever shall you remain" One can hardly make any sense out of the propensity at which Kumawuhemaa boasts of her special relationship to the sitting Asantehene. It must be noted that this relationship of which Kumawuhemaa never stops being cock-a-doodle-doo

about is the very obstruction to the socio-economic emancipation of Kumawuman especially, Kumawu. The fact that both are lovebirds is never the concern of the Kumawuman people, but allowing their frivolous relationship to hinder the welfare of Kumawuman is their worry.

Kumawuhemaa is noted for being greedy, selfishly myopic, and has not the least interest in the development of Kumawuman. The dilapidation of Kumawu by neglect attests to how nonchalant she is about the development of the area under her jurisdiction. Why then is such a detrimental person being overtly and continually assisted by Asantehene to inflict further psychological, mental, social and economic agony on the inhabitants of Kumawuman?

One wonders why Asantehene should allow his reputation to be muddied just for some carnal cravings of some sort. I should think he had better show greater concern and compassion for the majority of the people who are suffering rather than succumbing to the singular passion for Kumawuhemaa.

Now, Kumawuhemaa has confided in some people that she is also helping the queen of Essumeja hold on to her throne by manoeuvring her boyfriend, "Ote kokoo so". Both queens are known to be steadfast friends with a big question mark hovering over their heads. They have been challenged individually through the invocation of "Asantehene Ntamkese". Doubts have been cast over their eligibility as queens of their various enclaves. Little did anyone know that Otumfuo could extend special favours to the queen of Essumeja at the behest of Kumawuhemaa? Is Kumawuhemaa not merely being a talebearer here? How possible can she easily manipulate Asantehene to do the unthinkable? I personally believe Kumawuhemaa is simply arrogating to herself something which may not have happened on her request and insistence. Anyway, anything is possible concluding from the laxity and nonchalance at which Asantehene is arbitrating the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

It is an open secret that Manso-Nkwantahene is working some chiefs and people at Manhyia Palace to ensure Essumejahemaa always remains queen with powers to elect the next Essumejahene. He could be excused for what may be bad manners and or corruption due to him having a son by the queen. What is so special about her that Kumawuhemaa should involve herself in her chieftaincy affairs? Birds of the same feathers really flock together. Tikoromhene has been instrumental in the tricks that these two queens are playing on Asanteman Council to delay the successful arbitration of their various chieftaincy cases before them. Is Asantehene also involved in this complot, some discerning critics want to know? For how long will Asantehene allow Essumejahemaa feign sickness, to continuously defer the ruling on her case? To her, it is said; "One feigning sickness may incur a sudden death in the end" She is at liberty to play her deceit until she is caught up in the injurious net of her handiwork.

I don't care what both Asantehene and his girlfriend do to delay the case. All that I am worried about is the slowness of the Ananangya and the Odumase royal families to taking their throne from the Ankaase usurpers. These two genuine but poverty-stricken royal families do really annoy me by their resignation to fate. They believe that the throne will come to them no matter how long it takes. They should really be daydreaming and probably living in "Alice's Wonderland" I am also not happy about their lack of faith in God. For how many times should they be told God has given the throne to them and yet, they keep sitting down agape with their hands folded around the chest? They are expecting God Himself to descend from the higher firmaments to plead with them to stand up, saunter towards the throne and be helped to sit on it. Gone are the days when miraculous manna fell from heaven. There is not going to be any easier way of acquiring their throne than to act as sagacious warriors with blood-shot eyes.

The Ananangyas/Odumases are not being asked to gird up their loin, take up bows and arrows and go to war. They are being entreated to ask Asantehene simple questions. Should his answers happen not to be convincing enough, then they should seek expert's advice. Asantehene for failing to hear the invocation of his Great Oath on Kumawuhemaa is a clear indication of where he leans unfavourably towards. No wonder Kumawuhemaa is the shoulder he cries on in the event of his great need. Although old age is an indication of wisdom, I am beginning to doubt the Ananangyas/Odumases' grey hair as a repository of wisdom. They are being worse than President "Slow but Sure"

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere" The injustice being presided over by Asantehene against Kumawuman is directly affecting the justice to the people of Essumeja if Kumawuhemaa's boastful assertions are anything to go by. I wish the Asantehene will eschew any biases to act as a responsible "King Solomon" The biblical King Solomon is reputed to have had 700 wives and 300 concubines, yet his shrewdness never got compromised.

God is still on the side of the Ananangyas/Odumases but I am personally not enthused by their lack of agility. They have allowed, and continue to allow themselves to be fooled by not only the Kumawuhemaa but also Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. I am sorry to continue to blame the Asantehene. It is rather the Ananangyas/Odumases who have themselves to blame in toto. By their deplorable actions as exhibited so far, they seem not to be discerning enough. All the good pointers as to how to wrestle their throne from the Ankaases as given to them by God and Asantehene have miserably been ignored until now. If they fail to get the throne, they should blame nobody but themselves.

May God help the Ananangyas/Odumases wake up from their long slumber?

John Fosu