Sun, 20 Dec 2009 Feature Article

Kumawuhemaa & Kontrehene Engage in Dubious 450,000 Hectares LandSale

Kumawuhemaa & Kontrehene Engage in Dubious 450,000 Hectares LandSale

"My son, why are you abandoning your duties? the fight is not over until it's over", so a voice says to me. Hardly had I bade myself farewell in my last write-up when an urgent call out was placed, summoning me to reveal an ongoing underhand dealings involving the sale of an expansive land belonging to Kumawuman. Listening to this silent but unique voice, I have put back on my indestructible armour of God to come back as a gallant soldier, to wage a ferocious war until the battle is victoriously won.

Greediness, the identifiable trademark of Kumawuhemaa and Kontrehene has taken a projectile course lately. These two arrogantly selfish individuals without self-respect have manipulatively sought the assistance of the Kumawu Gyaasehene, Okyeame Kodua and Okyeame Osei to engage in a secret deal to sell 450,000 hectares of Kumawuman stool lands to what is until now a completely phony Swedish Company.

What is 450,000 hectares of land converted into other familiar units of measurement, one may want to know? Four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) hectares of land is equivalent to one million one hundred and eleven thousand nine hundred and seventy four (1,111,974) acres of land. This is either four thousand five hundred (4,500) Square kilometres or one thousand seven hundred and thirty seven point forty six (1737.46) Square miles of land. Better still, it is about the size or an area of one travelling from Bodomase to Kumasi in length and in width.

I am neither going to waste time dwelling on the technicalities of what is until now a dubious deal executed by indecent personalities, nor will I put across any suggestions about how best to put to use any accruing money. An indecent person to me is one who is corrupt or lacks morality regardless of any denotative or connotative meanings of the word. Kontrehene, concluding from his undeterred rapacious quest for money is far worse in misappropriating the wealth of Kumawuman than the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II of a record infamy. Luckily, the Kumawuman Citizens Association in Accra have awoken from the mental cemeteries from where they have been buried all this while that God has taken up the Ankaase royals in a battle of wits to destool them. They have unanimously lent their support to the fight of defeating the queen in the battle of "Kumawuman Stool land Sale". This is a credit in the cup of this once slumbering giant.

I will only quote from a reliable source a few statements to buttress my contention. This will set off interested minds to inquire from other sources for more information to confirm my assertion. Phone up to any of the steering members of the said Association to ascertain how selfishly greedy but technically incompetent the Kontrehene and the queen are as far as this particular land sale goes.

"The Company (ASPD), The African Plantation for Sustainable Development Ghana Ltd. The head of the co-operate Investment Division of Databank Financial Services (Ghana) Ltd was consulted to undertake research into the investment potential and activities of the company (ASPD). His report is that:

i) No fixed address of the company has been found. It's declared Managing Director Finn Tvede Jacobsen cannot be traced at the 2nd floor of America House, Kojo Thompson Road, Tudu, Accra. The said premises was alleged to be the office of the lawyer who was instrumental in the company's registration but the lawyer is reported as having vacated the Tudu office and moved to somewhere in Osu, Accra. Presently the new address cannot be found.

ii) The lack of verification or confirmation of the printed fixed address of the company is a matter of grave concern about the reliability of the company as a negotiation partner.

iii) No information can be gathered about the company on the Internet or in any Ghana corporate documentation and publications apart from its registration.

iv) There is no information available on the Bankers or capitalization of the company.

This little information as divulged, tells you a volume about how bogus the Kumawuhemaa and that "Tikenenkenen" Kontrehene are for having engaged in nefarious land sale activities with a questionable company. It is only these people who can disclose the hideout of the company as the queen is said to have collected $4000 from them recently towards the funeral of one of the Ankaase royals who passed a few months ago. For further information contact the Kumawu Citizens Association in Accra who have mounted a legal challenge against the queen and the Kontrehene, seeking to restrain them from pursuing their creepy deal with the company any further. Being such a dubious company as one can tell the deal will not be in the best interest of Kumawuman. Was it meant to be in the interest of Kumawuman in the first place, I will ask you Kumawuman people? Has the queen ever done anything to benefit you folks? Please stop daydreaming and give me a break. However, I admire your initiative to nip the fictitious deal in the bud. The queen and the Kontrehene are probably the types of greedy bastards Rawlings refers to as having infested the President Mills' government. Aren't they?