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23.11.2009 International

Lebanese Government honours Ghanaian Peacekeepers

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Lebanese Government honours Ghanaian Peacekeepers
November 20, 2009
They were, Lieutenant General Emmanuel Erskine, Force Commander who led the troop from 1978 to 1981, Lt. Gen. Seth Kofi Obeng 1999-2001, Brigadier Joseph Odei 1989-1990, Brig. Gen. Kattah 2003-2005, Brig. Gen. Thomas Ngua and Brig. Gen. Robert Winful 2005-2006.

Mr. Ahmed Soneidan, Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana said Lebanese were grateful for the sacrifices of the Ghanaian soldiers.

"The contributions of these brave Ghanaian soldiers in Lebanon, was felt at many levels, the humanitarian, civil and peacekeeping. We pray for the souls of the Ghanaian martyrs whose sacrifices assisted Lebanon during difficult periods," he said.

He said the troops had to endure extreme difficulties to maintain the peace and Ghana had to pre-finance the payment of allowances and maintenance grants to the troops before reimbursement by the UN.

He said the troop had to adapt to different cultures of the Lebanese people and other peacekeepers.

"Our troops for the first time were exposed to the international environment and can confidently operate anywhere in the world," he said.

Lt Gen. Smith said "our foreign policy commitment to the realisation of noble goals of the UN made Ghana to continue to fulfil its obligations towards international peace and security at all times".

Lt. Gen. Erskine on behalf of the recipients thanked the Lebanese Government for remembering the soldiers, adding "we were only representatives of the thousands of officers and men privileged in serving the course of peace in Lebanon".

In March 1978 Israel invaded Lebanon with severe destruction of cities and villages and high civilian casualties.

These forces were formed and deployed under the command of Lt. Gen. Esrkine in 1978.


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