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16.07.2009 Feature Article

REJOINDER-Who Speaks For The Neglected Surviving Cadres

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I read with utmost disgust the above titled piece by one Clement Sangaparee P, who calls himself a surviving cadre. Reading the first paragraph of the article easily proves that the writer is still living in the PAST. Mr. Sangaparee should have known that Cadres or whatever they call themselves EVAPORATED into thin air with the inception of the 4th Republic in 1992. Have the cadres ever wondered why June 4th and 31st December are no more public holiday? Well, we are living in the 21st century and in a civilized democratic dispensation, where those rubbish gangsterism of the PDC and WDC are not tolerated, not even under the Mill's administration.

The disgruntled cadre had the audacity to refer to the revolution as “God sent uprising”. I call this kind of quote as “talk is cheap”. Had Mr. Sangaparee been the son of Kutu Acheampong, Col. Afrifa or judge Agyepong, will he or any cadre have defined murdering his father “God sent uprising”? When the likes of “Chairman Rawlings” are calling some of those actions “excesses”, the likes of cadre Sangaparee are calling such atrocities “God sent uprising”. Whatever the writers religious believes are, can he quote from any of the religious holy books, where kidnapping judges in the middle of the night and murdering them are justified and defined as God sent?

The cadre could have found better excuses for not gaining any promotion after passing his 1996 Staff Examination than throwing dust in the eyes of educated and wise readers on this website, by blaming the late Mr. Tambila and Mr. Sam Jonah of the then AGC. Passing an examination is only a first step in gaining an employment or promotion into any institution, maybe with the exception of the June 4th Movement and its affiliate organizations. Other parameters, such as attendant, punctuality and recommendations from your superiors are also taken into consideration. There could have been better candidates with much more experience than my cadre friend. Mr. Sangaparee might not be conversant with such laid down procedures.

The said cadre who wrote this article does not even know that putting aside 10% of employment opportunities for cadre, some whom might not have the qualification, amounts to discrimination, which is a crime under the constitution of our land. Ghana is not for Efo Rawlings, for his PAUPETS to be given preferential employment opportunities, but for ALL Ghanaians. There are Ghanaians in opposition and those without political affiliation who can serve mother Ghana much better than the so-called-Surviving Cadres. Ghana did not get this far because of those cadres, but through the sacrifices of all loving Ghanaians both home and abroad since independence. If you really believe in yourself and what you can give mother Ghana, don't be lazy and wait for manners from heaven or from your new-found Messiah “Efo Rawlings”. Get up and go out in the employment world with your resume (CV) and look for a job, because there are no more prophets to come. And if you still believe Efo Rawlings is one, then you are living in a dreamland, because he's a FALSE PROPHET who was God sent as you claim.

The Mill government does not believe in the CADRISM nonsense and if you care to know, check what happen when Efo Rawlings tried to impose some ministers on him. Just as the writer quoted that “all men are created equally”, the same Holy book also said, “God help those who help themselves”. Every Ghanaian once contributed in one way or another in building mother Ghana, the cadres are not the only ones. Some of them rather inflicted brutalities in their communities, by arresting innocent citizens and taking them to their offices. Some were stripped naked and whipped in open market places, others were given nasty hair cuts with broken bottles not razor blades. Yes, such atrocities are “God sent Uprising INDEED”. Can Mr. Sangaparee explain how such brutalities merit the 10% of all jobs available in Ghana to them? Please spare peace loving Ghanaians the NONSENSE of cadres and their sacrifices and let sleeping dog die. We Ghanaians have moved on.

Muhammed S. S. Jawando (LRT)
NY Presbyterian Hospital, New York
[email protected]

Muhammed Suraj Sulley Jawando
Muhammed Suraj Sulley Jawando, © 2009

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