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02.01.2009 Feature Article

VooDoo Child: Nana Is Losing Leverage, Credibility; Party Leadership

VooDoo Child: Nana Is Losing Leverage, Credibility; Party Leadership

Nana Addo supported that bizarre motion by the NPP

Nana Akuffo Addo had all but positioned himself to be appointed at least to the Council Of State as an Elder Statesman of Ghana after the election results were announced and it was obvious he had lost the elections by the least or margins.

Days ago, Nana had a significant leverage and credibility to do the right thing by conceding and asking to meet Professor Mills privately to discuss the countryʼs future. He had the advantage of calling some shots and making the greatest political speech in his life to help unite Ghana and calling for peace even as he hurt on the inside. Only God knew what Senators Clinton and McCain were thinking when they conceded to now President elect Obama even before the official declarations. Still, Nana who comes from a family that contributed to the march towards Ghanaʼs emancipation and run as a strong human rights goofed and is declaring himself unfit to lead any national state or political institution, including his party.

Nana Addo supported that bizarre motion by the NPP to prevent the elections in the Tain constituency, perhaps banking on an Abban style judgment to stop Ghanaʼs Electoral Commission from conducting the electioins. This was one of the most dangerous moves ever by the NPP and one writer rightly called it an attempted coup. Nana is a successful lawyer in his own right who practised internationally, and a three term Member of Parliament. He was one time Ghanaʼs official lawyer as Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

He knew the implication and expected fallout from that law suit

He knew the implication and expected fallout from that law suit filed by the NPP. There could have been a stalemate and by 7th January, Ghana would still have no official President as the Commander In Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces? Anybody associated with that dangerous move is a disgrace to Ghana as, this proud black African country strives to prove the resolve of black Africa to be independent, progressive and democratic.

People should take a moment and savour the atmosphere in Ghana now. The Executive, Legislature and Judicial arms of government, all intact, the Forth Estate, the media doing its work. Ghana is not front page news on CNN, FOX, AP, Skyy, Al Jaazeera Reuters, BBC and co. Stores and banks have reopened and people are still calling in radio programs attempting to insult people by heart. Freedom is what we have. What does the illustrious son of Abuakwa want?

All those still calling on both parties and both presidential candidates to work together, respect the EC, and calling for peace are missing the point. The process has moved beyond that. It is a matter of fact that they will work together but simply put, Nana Akuffo Addo is misbehaving and calls should be directed specifically at Nana Addo to concede and call for unity.

Maybe its time to start working with moderates in the NPP

Perhaps it was good the Samia Nkrumah, Dr. Kwesi Ndoum and the CPP, Edward Mahama and the PNC decided to do the cowardly thing by not picking a side in the runoff. Now is their time to choose between a strong long last democracy. None of the afore mentioned personalities is fit to lead the country or even a ministry if they cannot make a bold and rightful decision if even if it would make them unpopular.

For Atta Mills and the NDC, maybe its time to start working with moderates in the NPP and allow Nana to continue on his self destructive path. Alan Kyeremanteng and Dan Botwe are good candidates. This is a progressive move to make; if Nana Akuffo Addo would put his personal ambitions and pride before Ghana, start ignoring him and start working with people from the New Patriotic Party who are really patriotic in the real sense of the word. Wherever you are Baah Wiredu, you are sorely missed.

Richard Dzifah Hiatsi
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