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15.11.2008 Feature Article

You can attract any woman

I don't know many women who haven't been taken out to dinner at least 100 times. So, be original and, when you get together, do fun things that she doesn't get to do with anyone else. Take her on a bike ride or to the park to play Frisbee or to a tiny Italian cafe that has a fascinating story behind it. Sneak up to the top floor of the highest building in the city or take her to a playground and go on the swings. It's doing fun things like this that will get her addicted to you - fast.

Stay in control

Women like a man with, a plan; when you call her up, don't make her "work" by having to make any decisions. Let her know exactly what time you are picking her up, where you are taking her and what she should wear. When you get to wherever you are going, decide what you are going to do there, and where and how you are going to do it. Let her sit back and relax while you take care of the details. And later, show her where your bedroom is - and for god's sake, take her clothes off for her. It's the gentlemanly thing to do.

Be chivalrous

Being chivalrous is a powerful way to let a woman know that you're the man and she's in good hands. Open doors for her and pull out her chair. When you're walking down the street, make sure you always walk on the outside of the curb, and tell her why you're doing it. Put your hand on the small of her back when walking into a restaurant or across the street. You'll be surprised at just how much this turns her on.

Be cool

Don't be the type of guy that sweats the small stuff ... like an unreturned phone call. Simply pretend you were too busy to even notice that she forgot to call you back. She'll probably assume you were busy with other women - which is always a good thing.

Be mysterious

Too many guys make the mistake of throwing their entire lives on the table when they meet a woman they are interested in. So, be different and hold some things back - especially those that people might consider impressive. People are much more impressed by the accomplishments of others when they "discover" them rather than being told about them. For instance, if she asks you what you drive and you happen to drive a nice car, tell her you ride a motor scooter. When she finds out the truth, she'll be impressed not only with your vehicle, but also your sense of humor and modesty.

Have a life

The one thing that all men who are really successful with women have in common is that they all have great lives of their own, and they don't need a woman in their lives to be happy. Women find this extremely attractive. It's easy for a woman to land a guy that "needs" her, but when she meets a guy that has a successful and happy life already, she'll do whatever she can to convince him that she should be a part of it. So, find some things that you are passionate about, whether it be hobbies, sports or business pursuits, and make them your main priorities instead of her. Keep yourself active and well-rounded and let her be the one to try to chase you down. She'll love you for it.

Be unpredictable

The single biggest mistake men make with women is being predictable. You'd think women would appreciate it if they knew exactly when you were going to call and what you were going to do when you got together, but in reality it kills the two biggest things women long for in a relationship: excitement and anticipation. So don't always call exactly when you say you will. Invite her over to take her out to dinner, and take her straight to the bedroom instead. Invite her over to get physical, and instead take her out to dinner. Are you beginning to get the picture? Keep her guessing and you'll have no problem keeping her around.

Make her earn it

I'm sure you've heard the old saying that states that "people don't value what they don't have to work for." Well, the same holds true for women and dating. If you're putting in all of the effort in the relationship, she won't value you or appreciate your time. So make sure she's calling you as much if not more often then you're calling her. Have her come over to your house and pick you up every once in a while, and ask her to help you out with small favors here and there. The more work she puts into the relationship, the more she'll value it and the more she'll want to get out of it (and that includes sex).

Make a move

After she's proved herself to you, it's time to be a man and make a move. Women don't respect a man who doesn't have the guts to go for that first kiss - or anything else- so don't let her down. Making a move will make her feel sexy and attractive, and it will show her that you are the type of Confident, powerful man she is looking for.

Be casual

The last things woman wants is a guy who starts calling her 10 times a day after they've had a fun night out. If you start acting like you're ready for marriage after the first date - or even the fifth - you might as well have the words "I'm desperate'" tattooed across your forehead. Instead, keep things cool. Don't rush into anything, and let her be the one to take things to the next level. She'll respect you more and you'll have a far better chance of ending up in the great

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