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15.10.2008 Feature Article

Kwame Okoampa Is A Charlatan!

The "Graphic" Has Been Entrusted to the NPP, as Simple as That!
By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D. Feature Article | Mon, 06 Oct 2008

"Those of us with a lode of fiery conscience would be utterly disgusted and feel unpardonably violated, but we would sport a poker-face demeanor, lest we be promptly branded as "Enemies of the Revolution" and find our very existence to be at risk.... Nobody then either bickered or griped about the "biased reportage" of The People's Daily Graphic. George Orwell (a.k.a. Eric Blair) had eloquently and poignantly taught us to be nimble for the sake of being able to keep our heads on our shoulders with his literary classic Animal Farm...Those were the days when many of my most intimate classmates called me Togbui Sri II; it was a sort of ethnic camouflage. And as you can vividly see, dear reader, such ethnic camouflage perfectly served its primary objective: it would enable me to live out those lunatic days of Ghana's "Tribal Imperialism" in order to document Flt.-Lt. Yor-ke-Garri's "Housecleaning Exercise" for the benefit of my children, compatriots and posterity."

Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D.

Really? Is this an indication of your genetic affinity with ostriches or one of a strange belief that somehow one could cover his face with a very big mouth to camouflage his identity? I really feel duty bound to react to the disgusting circus you have been pulling off on the electronic media from the cosy comforts of New York. This is because of the sickening premise behind most of the diatribes you have been churning out ever since the coast became clear for empty barrels like yours to pass by, completely clueless, as usual, about the simple fact that the more noise they make, the more they succeed in exposing their own existential emptiiness, moral void, intellectual bankruptcy, and spiritual atrophy. One would have thought that considering the extra-ordinarily large size of your mouth, coupled with what you call your "lode of fiery conscience", you would have walked your talk with the courage of your convictions, like many ordinary Ghanaians did with just a pair of balls, instead of sporting "a poker-face demeanor" as Ghanaian judges were being butchered!

I think that in my own time I must have met many a Togbui Sri II, clearly identifiable by the absence of ordinary testicles. These were the people who usually would read and quickly hand over back to me the anti-PNDC tracts that we used to distribute in those days. They were also identifiable by an inconsolable and obscurantic fear in the eyes whenever the name of Rawlings was mentioned in a conversation. With experience, I discovered also that you saved a lot of time when you listened to the early-warning signals of the "Togbui Sris" of this world, and to move on to look for the real men with the real balls in order to help in dealing effectively with the PNDC dictatorship.

I say this because of the politically toxic nature of your writings. No one who really fought for huma rights , the rule of law and democratic governance would speak like the way you do, even within the NPP. I am very sure that one of these days as the NPP begins to feel the heat of your politically suicidal stupidity you would be hearing from your own party's internal disciplinary structures. You are singularly the only member of the NPP who has done the most to whittle away whatever is left of that party's democratic pretentions with puerile articles like this. The problem with your equivocations about calling your self Togbe Sri II purportedly "to live out those lunatic days of Ghana's "Tribal Imperialism" in order to document Flt.-Lt. Yor-ke-Garri's "Housecleaning Exercise" for the benefit of my children, compatriots and posterity" lies in its mystifying quality. Assuming even that this were true, between you and a journalist like Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Jnr, which of you would be in a position to better do this documentation of yours? In any case where is this preciuos documentation of yours after seven good years of democratic NPP governance and your extra-ordinary loud mouth? Why would you be spending your time churning out such gibberish like "Nobody then either bickered or griped "? Is it because you saw no one under your mother's bed where you were hiding?

The reason why I feel duty bound to deal with a charlatan like you is because of your predictable escape route. Your arguments are always feeling dizzy after running in circles to justify the NPP abuses of the rule of the law, the respect for human rights and democratic governance. As anyone who is familiar with your garbage will testify, they are nothing but knee-jerk glibberings of a scatter-brained tribalist, intoxicated with the most uncouthed aspects of feudal values and content to be a political "house nigger" in the United States of America. Yours is a job that so far has not appeared to be too demanding of your intellectual capacities. Your modus operandi usually has comprised countering accusations automatically with corresponding cases either during the CPP era or the PNDC/NDC period. Add to this a list of insults, interchangeable and obscure use of severely limited vocabulary power, contrary to the fake impression you give with you penchant for verbosity and bombast. Your magic words such "piddling", "sophomore", "unconscionable", "pedestrain". "inhere" and "mendancity," are fast running threadbare in all your articles. Some professor of English!!! Are you a charlatan in all directions?

Why the politically embarrassing and constant refrain to what you youself call dictatorial regimes, as your yardstick for measuring the human rights records of a constitutional government that claims to be democratic? Are you trying to suggest to me that it is only where you do not find a corresponding example of abuses even under your favorite dictators like Nkrumah and Rawlings, such as not being able to account for our national gold reserves, that your so-called constitutional government of property owning democrats would concede to malfesance, and the infallible and democratic party like the NPP could be faulted? Besides, if you were the intellectual that you claim to be, wouldn't it have been self-evident contradiction in your own "coconut" without Anyone having to tell you that you cannot claim "Ghana is going forward" and compare your human rights records with what you yourself keep referring to as dictatorships? Is that how Ghana is moving forward? If you are corrupt, it does not matter because all the previous regimes were corrupt? If there are murder cases to answer for such as the one in which Ghana lost the Overlord of Dagbon Ya Na Yakubu Andani II and forty others, you would prattle about the murder of the three high court judges and a retired army officer, as if you are very convinced yourself that one excused the other! Some moving of Ghana forward!

I am not surprised that cowards like you always claim "Nobody then either bickered or griped". Many ordinary Ghanaians did far more than merely grumbling. Your own political party, the NPP, is full of respectable heroes in the struggle against the PNDC dictatorship. I can testify the personal courage of a good many of them begining from the early days with Dan Botwe and Arthur Kennedy from the student unrests to the full-blown national onslought led by the late Prof. Albert Adu Boahene. For some of us the opposition to the PNDC began at six O'clock on the 31st of December 1981, gathered mommentum during the students task force, accerelated when the universities were opened, and matured into a full blown national resistance with the formation of the MFJ and then the rest of Ghana. Where were you Togbui Sri II? Still hiding under your mother's bed? Little wonder you saw nothing. I don't blame you that you did not see anything, because if it is true that you were hiding, that would be a very normaol thing. What I hate however is people like yoiu lecturing some of us on these events.

People like you need to shut up and listen to the struugles that men like Arthur Kennedy, Dan Botwe, in the NUGS, the late Professor Albert Adu Boahene, Mr. Ray Kakraba Quarshie, Joe Baidoo Ansah, in the MFJ. There are countless more. In fact the average Ghanaian that you have appointed yourself to lecture either "bickered or griped"! Se wo anko bi a wose y'anko! (Akan proverb: "It is only those who do not participate in the war who say there was no fighting!") I can testify to the fact that as a NUGS President, even when he was safe in exile in the Cote D'Ivoire, Arthur Kobina Kennedy put his life on the line and sneaked in into Ghana where he was a wanted man to meet with other student leaders clandestinely before he removed himself again into safety! Dan Botwe was reported to have told Rawlings in the face in those days: "You can come and put a pistol in my ears, I shall repeat what I have said!" This is no CPP propaganda. They are all there in your own party, try to find out from them whether "Nobody then either bickered or griped". I have great respect for all these militants for freedom in the NPP. Yet with your membership of that party, I take notice of the fact that , at least, there is one coward, an annoying multi-faceted charlatan and a genuine fool within that exceedingly great party of yours!

Ali-Masmadi JEHU-APPIAH, © 2008

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