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NPP on the Ropes:

NPP on the Ropes:

Gone are almost the days when the New Patriot Party (NPP) had cushy rides at elections. The fond of refreshing the minds of the electorates on the past damnable mistakes of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to winning elections will soon be history. The people of Ghana are surely emerging though gradually, from their political ignorance. There will surely be no chance for any political party or any single individual to throw dust into the eyes of any electorate. The period of total deception, wishful thinking electioneering promises, vote buying, and vote rigging to winning elections is soon coming to an end. The NPP like any other political party will have to sweat for any single genuine vote; their so-called incumbencies being irrelevant in helping them win the elections this time around.

Why fix it when it is not broken, one may sensibly desire to ask the NPP? The NPP is senselessly complicating their chances of emerging victorious in the impending December 2008 national elections. They have inadvertently shot themselves in the foot thereby limping into their own dug out grave. They must be hallucinating should they think to easily manipulate the now politically-conscious Ghanaians to winning the elections on a silver platter. Their deeds are well documented; their misdeeds well ingrained in the minds of many.

"Never kick a gift tossed in the mouth", yet the NPP have bitten the very finger that feeds them to the dismay of many electorates. "For lack of knowledge, my people perish", so the Bible says. The NPP apparatchiks have underestimated the intelligence and the nobleness of mind of the people of certain constituencies in the country. They have out of lack of respect for the wishes of the constituents, by what amounts to foul play, imposed certain so-called incumbents, but very incompetent and dumb sitting MPs indeed, on some constituencies. They have by such obstinate approach, jeopardised their chances of winning certain seats which until now have been always classified as their safe seats. "Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the Hornbill". The obfuscated approach to issues regardless of their repercussions will culminate in the NPP losing certain seats to the other political parties. That will serve them right. It will help expose the vanity of their selfish life, their myopia and the obstinate way in which they conduct their affairs.

It must be noted that not long ago, President John Agyekum Kuffour ordered the removal of Hon. DCE Philip Basoah from office. This District Chief Executive for the Kumawu Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency was relieved of his post without any formal charges preferred against him. It was later alleged that the sitting NPP MP, Hon. Yaw Baah had instigated his removal. Hon. Basoah had not favoured the idea of the incumbent MP widely known to be incapable of his Parliamentary functions returning unopposed on the NPP ticket. His wish was unfortunately not that of the President and the top brass of the NPP. He was sacked for favouring competition at their primaries. He was promised his post back if he helped Hon. Yaw Baah win the NPP slot. What a shame on the NPP that proclaims democracy and democratic dispensation on top of roofs but practice autocracy in disguise. Was this action of theirs not comparable to "preaching virtue in public while practicing vices under the cover of darkness?"

Most of the constituents are so disgusted at the dishonourable way the NPP primaries went. It is alleged that money and cell phones did exchange hands in a bid to influence the delegates to vote for the incumbent MP. The battle of winning the NPP slot is won but can the war of winning the constituency seat be won so easily? By the grace of God, backed by the determination of the constituents, it will be proved beyond the wildest dreams of the NPP that the people of the Kumawu Sekyere constituency are not married to the NPP. If they were at all, then they are readying for divorce. The seat will go to an "Independent" candidate, a tested guy who is more than able for the job. Six years of inaction is more than enough to incur the wrath of both God and man.

It is never true that Kumawu Sekyere Afram Plains with Kumawu as the District Quarters did become a district out of any great work or influence of the MP. It did so become out of the initiation of Paul Avuyi, Alan Cole, Dr. James Charles London, and Barima Asumadu Sakyi II and as a gratitude to B. A. Mensah, the ailing Ghanaian Industrialist. But those people that desire cheap popularity are arrogating to themselves the fame and credit that come with Kumawu acquiring a district status. Is this any great score to convince the electorates to vote them back to power? What actual role did the fake claimant(s) play in getting Kumawu districted? I would easily have given the devil his due if he had actually played any relevant role in the acquisition of district status for Kumawu. Can one believe to win the Kumawu constituency simply on the lone issue of helping it carved out into a district? The Ghanaian political arena will never cease to abound in political jokers who feel satisfied with gimmicks.

It is alleged that the fewer supporters of the failed MP have decided on something very sinister. They have decided to cause the disqualification of one Dominic, an aspiring independent candidate for the December 2008 parliamentary elections. Being mischievous in purpose, they decide to post Dominic's campaign posters over that of Hon. Yaw Baah at night. They will then report Dominic to the police and the Electoral Commission at daybreak for intently ruining Hon. Baah's chances of winning the seat by obscuring his posters. They intend to commit crime but blame it on another. May God forgive them their sins for they don't know what they are doing. "Walls have ears". May God's name be glorified for making known to the public what was planned in secret. Is this the worth of the NPP?

The DCE Hon. Philip Basoah has been re-instated but still without any explanation. Will the President do himself an honourable service for once, by telling the whole Ghana the reason behind the reinstatement of the DCE? Can the NPP forever get away with this charlatanry?

Long live Ghana. Long live the Republic.

John Fosu,

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