09.06.2008 Feature Article

Kumawu Constituency Deserves Better.....Alex Adomako Mensah to Contest Elections

Kumawu Constituency Deserves Better.....Alex Adomako Mensah to Contest Elections
09.06.2008 LISTEN

Going, going, Gone! Gone will soon be the days when uncommunicative and introverted persons were elected to represent their Constituencies at Parliament. Ghanaians are beginning to see the light and can easily discern between able and incompetent Members of Parliament. The ongoing NPP primary elections have reeled some incumbent MPs down the alley of oblivion. One may query why? They were those that misrepresented their Constituencies. They never for once bothered to bring the issues affecting their Constituencies to the floor of Parliament for deliberations. Neither did they contribute to, nor tabled motions in Parliament about anything whatsoever throughout their entire parliamentary term(s). They were there only to raise hands, or nod heads, in concurrence to issues tabled by the sophisticated ones among them, as well as to draw their salary. To have an incompetent MP who evades Parliamentary sittings is bad enough; but to have a knowingly-dumb MP insistently employing dubious means to get re-elected is not only worse but very insulting to the intelligence of the constituents.

Out of own volition, Mr. Alex Adomako Mensah, a Kumawu citizen resident in London has decided to proceed home to contest the Kumawu Constituency parliamentary seat as an "independent" candidate, come the December 2008 elections. He feels disgusted at the exhibited shabby representation of the Constituency by both the previous and the sitting-MP. He wonders why on earth the Kumawu Members of Parliament decide to go mute and consequently, fail to live up to the requirements of their office. He is burning with anger questioning, "Do they think the Constituency is a Job Centre (Labour Office) where they had come looking for job and as a result could do whatever they like after securing any?" The mandate to represent the Constituency goes with a responsibility. And taciturnly failing to fulfil that obligation means one has been incompetent at best. But to shamelessly exploit the system in what is reminiscent of banditry to get re-elected is worse enough. It is the desire to rid Kumawu Constituency of such behaviours that the exuberant Alex Adomako Mensah is aspiring to become the next MP. He has avowed to deliver a quality service to his constituents if voted for.

He is neither perturbed, nor, scared of the fact that vote buying will be a possibility to contend with. He will win the seat hands down without offering sets of cell phones and GH 300 Cedis to eligible voters. He believes the destination of a slave is still a slave in irony until he thinks independently. He believes if one has proved himself incompetent for six years, where else is the justification that he will still not be if offered any more years to prove him otherwise?

Are the electorates ready to vote for a change in which case I would recommend Alex? He will surely become their much awaited Saviour to dab the tears off their eyes. A change is overdue. This is the beginning of the wind for change for Kumawuman which is gathering velocity at each passing minute. The NPP for reasons best known to them, dubiously imposed an undesirable on their Kumawu Constituency ticket. For this simple fact, Alex or whoever stands as an independent candidate has won the election well ahead of the D-Day. This is the voice of the people. And the voice of the people is the voice of God. Kumawu Constituency needs effective but not dormant representation. All the electorates should join me in campaigning for Alex or any other better independent candidate. Be influenced to vote for personalities rather than political parties. The people of the Kumawu Constituency are entreated to campaign for Alex or whoever stands as an independent candidate, at the opportune time. Anyone who has the means should support him in any meaningful way to get elected as the next MP.

Long live Kumawu Constituency. Long live the assiduous Alex Adomako Mensah, the ray of hope for Kumawu Constituency.