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Of Jesus, Peter And Apprenticeship

Of Jesus, Peter And Apprenticeship
05 DEC 2007 LISTEN

Permit me, my dear reader, to sound a little bit religious today. After all, am I not called Angel Gabriel? When the Lord Jesus Christ was borne by Virgin Mary, he knew he would die one day to save mankind and so the moment he started his ministry, he chose his successor.

The Holy Book told us that, one day while the Lord was taking a stroll at the seaside, he saw Peter desperately casting his net in an attempt to catch fish.

Even though Peter was a master fisherman, he had laboured throughout the day without a catch. Jesus called him and asked him to follow him so that he would make him 'fishers of men'.

Peter obliged, left behind his boat and net and followed Jesus. Later on, 11 others were called by Jesus to make up the 12 disciples with Peter as the senior.

Peter was with the Lord all the time when he cured the sick and provided food for the multitude. The Bible tells us that one day when Peter and the other disciples were in a boat deep in the night, they saw Jesus walking on the sea.

They thought it was a ghost and were afraid. As the Lord got closer, he called Peter to come to him. Because Peter believed in the Lord, he boldly stood up, stepped on the sea and walked towards Jesus. However, he soon lost courage and begun to sink but Jesus held his hand.

The senior apprentice miracle maker was thus saved.
When Jesus was arrested, it was only Peter who followed him to wherever they took him.

The rest vamoosed. After his crucifixion, the Holy Spirit visited the disciples but it was only Peter, the senior apprentice, who was able to use the name of Jesus to cure a cripple who used to sit at the gate of the church to beg for alms.

The Bible story tells us that Peter told the cripple, who had asked for alms, that “silver and Gold have I none, but such that I have, I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” And the man rose up and walked. Praise the Lord!!!

Now, according to the Bible, there was in Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha. This woman was full of good works. And it came to pass in those days that she fell sick and died. Senior apprentice Peter was called to come to the house of the woman immediately.

He did and after dismissing all the women around, he prayed and the woman was resurrected. Peter might have learnt from the Lord Jesus Christ who also resurrected Lazarus.

I have decided to quote extensively, the biblical stories because what is happening in the run-up to the NPP flagbearer elections demands that.

It came to pass in those days in Ghana that the people needed salvation after nearly two decades of military and quasi military rule by J. J. Rawlings.

The people prayed to God for deliverance and the good old God of Host heard their cry and chose then candidate Kufuor to take the people of Ghana from “Egypt ” to the land of milk and honey.

When in 2000, Ben Ephson of the Dispatch newspaper asked candidate Kufuor who his running mate would be, he said “the person would be someone who would eventually be good presidential material.”

And so when candidate Kufuor chose Alhaji Aliu Mahama, we all knew the deal had been done. For the past seven years, the Veep has worked diligently to earn the respect of all and sundry.

He has gone through the mill as a presidential apprentice and has passed the test. Like Peter, he can do what his master has done and there is no doubt that as the President said seven years ago, he is good presidential material.

When people started talking about the President's support for Allan Kyerematen, I understood it to be mischief. Are they telling us that when the President described Aliu as a potential president, he was lying to Ghanaians?

During the numerous travels that the President undertook, it was the Veep who ruled the country. How do you expect the President to throw his weight behind an upstart like Alan as far as the issue of the presidency is concerned? Oh, no, please leave the President alone!

The fact that Alan is splashing money around doesn't mean he has the President's support. Because he sojourned in the US for so long, he has no knowledge of the way Ghanaians behave in elections.

And he himself has never stood for any election in the country before. As for Ghanaians, if you give them money, they will take but surely they will not tell you the truth.

See how people have begun questioning where Alan got all these monies from to spend so lavishly?

Organizers of this particular congress should make sure more ambulances are provided because there will be surprises on that day. Good morning. I beg O! My mouth no be gun!! Owula Mangote!!!