Yagbonwura pays historic visit to Ya-Na Abukari II at Gbewaa Palace

  Mon, 24 Jun 2024
Social News Yagbonwura pays historic visit to Ya-Na Abukari II at Gbewaa Palace

Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jewu Soale, the king of Yagbon has paid a historic visit to Ya-Na Abukari II at the Gbewaa place to discuss matters of unity and development.

In a welcome address read on his behalf, Ya-Na Abukari II the overlord of Dagbon said the visit was the first of its kind by the King of Gonja to the King of Dagbamba, which also marked a significant chapter in the rich history of their two great Kingdoms.

He said the historic visit opened the floodgates for greater unity and understanding among all tribal Kings in Ghana.

Ya-Na said the visit reinforced the principles that no Kings was above another and that mutual respect and courtesy were the foundations of a harmonious society and was a significant honor for Dagbon and will be remembered in the annuals of history as a pioneering act of unity.

He said Dagbon and Gonjaland shared much more than geographical boundaries with their traditions such as the wearing of beautiful smocks and hand-woven clothing, their celebration of the Damba festivals and cuisines, which reflected deep cultural ties.

He said Dagbon royals were born of Gonja mothers and the vice versa and those connections emphasized their unity and the commonalities that put them together.

Ya-Na said it was high time that the people of the five regions of the North united to address their common challenges of poverty, illiteracy and underdevelopment.

He suggested that in terms of misunderstanding it was incumbent on their traditional leaders to have peaceful resolutions to ensure that their communities remained united and focused on the collective progress of their people.

In a speech read on his behalf Yagbonwura Soale the overload of Gonja said they were pleased to have the interface of Kings as it would strengthen their customs and tradition, discuss matters of peace and tranquility general development and peaceful co-existence.

He said Ya-Na Dariziegu who ruled Dagbon Kingdom from 1543- 1554 was born by Gonja woman, and that is why Gonja and Dagombas shared relations and were brothers and sisters and for that Gbewaa palace of Dagbon had blood relations with Gonjas.

Yagbonwura believed the courtesy call would serve as an example of their commitment to peace, unity and cooperation and proposed the establishment of an annual conference of Kings of chiefs in Northern Ghana focused on the collective development of the north in general.

According to Yagbonwura, the beautiful customs and traditions were handed over to them to lead the Kingdoms and they would be blamed if they allowed the youth to take decisions for them in discharge of their duties.

He said the youth were their support base and their role should not affect any decisions or actions they take in the course of the discharge of their customary rites.

Both Kings were supported by a large number of chiefs at the Gbewaa palace for the historic culture celebration.

While Ya-Na presented a bull, 4 bags of corn and a smock to Yagbonwura, Yangbonwura also presented 100 cola nuts, a smock and an envelope with undisclosed amount.


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