Holy Spirit Cathedral seeks GHS6.5 million to renovate 67-year-old edifice

Religion Aerial view of the Holy Spirit Cathedral
Aerial view of the Holy Spirit Cathedral

The administrators of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra are appealing to the public, corporate entities, and individuals to assist with fundraising to help raise the remaining funds for the renovation of the 67-year-old cathedral edifice.

Gabriel Yeboah, Finance Committee Chairman, noted that the long-term 'Cathedral Restoration Project' is needed due to the deterioration of the building constructed in 1957.


Renovations started in 2015 but he said an additional GHS6,567,836.23 (USD 462,523.68) is still needed to complete the project, on top of the GHS2,752,476.99 (USD 454,854.18) already spent.

Holy Spirit Cathedral Homecoming Event:

Held under the theme "Return, Reconnect and Recount" and drawing inspiration from Luke 8:39, the media launch of the Homecoming event took place at the cathedral on Wednesday, June 5.

It is officially slated to kick off on June 26 with a series of activities meant to restructure both the facility's physical edifice and members' spiritual lives. It is set to conclude on Sunday, September 15, 2024.

Speaking at the launch, the Cathedral's Administrator, Very Rev. Fr. Clement Wilson, detailed that "this homecoming is an invitation for all members, past and present, to come back to the spiritual home that has nurtured and sustained us. It is a time to rekindle old friendships, strengthen existing bonds, and welcome new faces into our fold. We want everyone to feel the warmth and love that our Cathedral extends to all who enter its doors."


Additionally, Rev. Wilson said the event "provides us with a unique opportunity to reconnect with our faith, our community, and our shared mission. In our fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with one another. Through various activities, worship services, and fellowship events, we aim to deepen our connections and renew our commitment to one another and to God."

Activities to mark the landmark event include guided tours of the Cathedral to explore its rich history and architectural beauty, as well as talk events that will also enlighten members and broaden their horizons on current church issues.

In culmination on Sunday, September 15, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass for members to come together in a spirit of gratitude, giving thanks for blessings received and progress made.

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