Wed, 05 Jun 2024 Press Release

The Arise-Youth Movement commends John Dramani Mahama’s vision for new administrative city

  Wed, 05 Jun 2024
The Arise-Youth Movement commends John Dramani Mahama’s vision for new administrative city

I commend former President and current flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, for his visionary proposal to create a new administrative city outside of Accra, Ghana. This commendation follows Mahama's insightful speech during a meeting with the European Union Ambassador and the EU Chamber of Commerce on May 28, 2024.

In his speech, Mahama addressed the critical issue of congestion in Accra, which has significantly impeded business growth and the efficient delivery of government services despite our country’s decentralization efforts. He proposed a comprehensive and forward-thinking project, potentially spanning 20 years, to design and construct a new administrative city. This city would be strategically located on the Accra Plains, opposite the Volta Lake, an area with abundant land suitable for such a significant development.

This proposal by Mahama epitomizes the kind of visionary and competent leadership that we, as Ghanaians, earnestly desire. His track record as President speaks volumes about his capabilities. Under his leadership, we witnessed transformative infrastructure projects, including extensive road networks, rural electrification, regional hospitals, and substantial advancements in the energy sector to address our energy crisis. His administration also maintained a stable economy, promoted transparency and accountable governance, and made significant strides in digitization, communication, and the agricultural sector. Notably, Mahama’s tenure saw the construction of numerous community day senior high schools and universities, underscoring his commitment to educational development.

I urge my fellow Ghanaians to place their trust in John Dramani Mahama and the NDC’s campaign policies. I encourage everyone to rally behind him and vote for him in the upcoming December 7, 2024, elections. I am confident that his policies will bring about substantial improvements and secure a brighter future for our beloved country.

The concept of relocating administrative functions to ease congestion is not without precedent. Several countries have implemented similar initiatives with remarkable success. For instance, Nigeria moved its capital from Lagos to Abuja in 1991 to alleviate congestion and promote balanced development. Ivory Coast has plans to shift some administrative functions from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro. On a global scale, countries like Brazil, which constructed Brasília in the 1960s to replace Rio de Janeiro as the capital, and Malaysia, which established Putrajaya as the administrative capital in the 1990s, have experienced significant benefits, including decongested old capitals and more balanced regional development.

Mahama's proposed administrative city aims to replicate these successes. By relocating parts of government services to a new city, Ghana could alleviate the growing congestion in Accra, facilitate smoother business operations, and improve the overall efficiency of government services. Furthermore, the establishment of a port terminal in Mpakadan to transport cargo to the northern regions would bolster regional development and industrialization.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse John Dramani Mahama’s vision for a new administrative city. This proposal represents a significant step towards addressing urban congestion and promoting sustainable development, echoing successful strategies employed by other nations. The Arise-Youth Movement (TAYM) remains hopeful that Ghanaians will recognize the potential of this visionary project and support Mahama and the NDC in bringing it to fruition. Let us come together to build a better future for Ghana.

Joel Samuel Ndede
President, The Arise-Youth Movement (TAYM)

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