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Given A Choice Of Beauty Or Money

Given A Choice Of Beauty Or Money

Evolutionary psychology (and biology) find that men and women differ in the characteristics they seek in their partners. Several studies from psychologists in many countries, consistently found that men prefer looks in women over resources, but women value men’s resources over their looks in “normal” situations

What accounts for this sex difference is mate’s choice in the theory of evolved preferences. It boils down to ladies looking for strong men in their most productive age and later, agile older men capable of producing. In the case of men, they want the most attractive body shapes of ladies for fertility (figure 8). This preference also supports reproduction. So, both men and women are looking for a continuation of life.

Men strongly prefer looks over resources in women, whereas women value resources from men more than looks. This tendency of women's preference for certain natural traits in men contradicts the notion that all ladies are interested in resources that can take care of their families. The conflicted choices only create a dilemma for the new generation not envisaged by the parents.

If you only have one choice between the physical traits of beauty or ugliness with money, what would be your ultimate choice? Do not try a cop out by claiming that it depends. It is not about extreme or desperate situations during an adverse economy when men or ladies would do anything for money, even for a very limited time.

Animal Behavior studies have also demonstrated that Humans are complex and complicated even in their comfortable zones. Yet, a rational human, if left with the choice of riches or beauty outside their comfort zone, would grab money and run. Men see money as a better choice. Once they acquire money, they can pick and choose beauty or most of their desires.

Additionally, we now have other factors to consider in the relationships of humans. We cannot imagine a woman or man who would opt out of having their own children. China once limited a family to one child. A painful phase in their history. Today, there are those that claim they have enough problems taking care of themselves. No need for a child.

However, the choice of some humans can be surprising to others especially when it comes to women. The reason is their rationale for rejecting rich men and men's surprise that some of them could be rejected despite their money. In other words, if you do not love me because I am ugly, respect and love my money!

It buttresses the point that with beauty, ladies can get whatever they want. So, if men can get most beautiful ladies with their resources, ladies can get most men with their beauty. In those cases, it would not be unreasonable to claim that men prefer to have riches while ladies prefer beauty.

It gets more complicated as complex humans are difficult to predict from laboratory studies that could be inferred from retrospective studies in a natural environment. Even then, the community and the socioeconomic variables defer. Most societies have changed and are still changing in this global world.

The choice for men and women have gone through another phase, not for evolutionary reasons but for convenience, comfort and greed. We witness this where the face of poverty has changed from the Asian continent to Africa. People adapt and display desperate survival habits for their continued existence.

When some people say the trouble that comes with wealth overwhelmed them like those who won the jackpot lottery and lost it all. Others would gladly take all the trouble with too much money. Be careful of what you ask for. You may not be able to buy everything you love with the money but that money can bring you as much comfort as misery. So, if you have the opportunity, choose wisely.

It does not negate the saying that money is the root of all evils. Some people just prefer certain miserable consequences than poverty. Appetite for voracious accumulation of money and properties have changed the natural tendencies of men and women. So we have ladies that prefer beautiful traits in men if they have their own money. On the other hand are men who prefer ugly rich ladies and discard beautiful poor ones.

The proximity principle of trying to attract partners by creating opportunities to get closer or form association with those we like to be around, creates intended and unintended tactics like birds of the same feathers. Ceremonial parties provide that association. There are also sex maniacs that would go at any length to get a man or women regardless of their natural or financial states.

Mind you, ladies have picked homeless men on the street if they get a good look at their natural endowment. But some men would pick a crazy woman from asylum for a ritual. We visited a friend in a mental hospital once only for her to point to each of the staff she had slept with. So was the case of a pregnant lady in a hospice that could only have been taken advantage of by staff.

If you think humans are more confused and cautious about their partners today than their parents were, you may be right. It is becoming difficult to pick who loves you and their reasons, instead of what you think and what they tell you. Nevertheless, make someone happy!

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