Media has made good progress in Ghana — Frema Opare

Social News Media has made good progress in Ghana — Frema Opare

The Chief of Staff, Frema Opare-Osei, highlighted the significant progress Ghana's media has made in stabilizing the nation’s development despite a few challenges.

Speaking at the 3rd African Media Convention (AMC), an event focused on shaping the future of media on the continent, she emphasized the crucial role of media in shaping public opinion, fostering democracy, and driving positive change.

She acknowledged that without the concerted efforts of the media, the level of insecurity in the country would have been unimaginable. Opare-Osei also stressed the importance of collaboration between the government, media stakeholders, and civil society to address challenges such as press freedom, misinformation, and environmental issues.

Additionally, the Chief of Staff underscored the collective efforts needed in media operations, stating, "We cannot underestimate the importance of a free and vibrant media in Africa, especially in the face of pressing challenges such as climate change and misinformation." She outlined various initiatives implemented by the government, including the launch of media capacity enhancement programs and the establishment of mechanisms to combat misinformation.

Makmid Kamara, Regional Director for the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM), also highlighted the need for a conducive environment for media freedom and independence across the continent. Kamara stressed the importance of safeguarding journalists' rights and freedoms, particularly in regions where press freedom is under threat. He called on African governments to uphold their commitments to press freedom and ensure the safety and protection of journalists as they carry out their essential roles in society.

Franck Obimpeh
Franck Obimpeh

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