Bawumia is a man of action who delivers on his promises — Upper East Imams and Zongo Chiefs

By Faisal Mustapha || Contributor
NPP Bawumia is a man of action who delivers on his promises — Upper East Imams and Zongo Chiefs

The Upper East Region Council of Imams and Zongo Chiefs have praised the Vice President and Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, for his honesty in keeping to his promises.

In a citation presented to Dr. Bawumia in Bolga on Friday, at an interaction, the Imams and Zongo Chiefs commended Dr. Bawumia for his immense support to their communities and many others in the country.

They added that Dr. Bawumia has distinguished himself well as Vice President, adding that he has become a role model for many in the Zongo community.

Below is the full text of the citation presented to Dr. Bawumia:

We, the coalition of Imams and Zongo Chiefs of Upper East Region do present to you this citation of honour in recognition of your immeasurable and valuable contributions to us and the region at large.

You have shown us over the years that you you are indeed a man of action, one who delivers on his promises and welcoming to everyone regardless of their political inclination, religious or tribal backgrounds.

These qualities have added to the reasons why you have been the most effective and impactful Vice President ever in the history of Ghana's politics. It suffices to say, that, you have brought respect, recognition, and intellectual discourse into Ghanaian politics and that you have become model for many in our Zongo communities for which your political contributions thus far, have made your name (Bawumia) in our Zongos to be indelibly written.

Just as your digitalization agenda is felt by the young and old in the country, so it is worth your various personally financed projects in the Zongo communities of Upper East Region.

You are not only an asset to the to NPP and Zongos, but a national asset and one that must be jealously guarded. We wish you Godspeed and pray for Allah's guidance and favour on you. We pray to Allah to let your campaign messages be understood and accepted by the Ghanaian electorates and grant you your utmost desires to ascend to beyond where you are. Peace be unto you.