Fri, 08 Mar 2024 Article

“Rethinking Economic Models: Insights from Pope Francesco's Letter" - A Pioneering Seminar at the Catholic University of Ghana

By Chukwuma Adaobi
“Rethinking Economic Models: Insights from Pope Francesco's Letter

In a significant gathering organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the Catholic University of Ghana played host to an enlightening program on the 8th of March, 2024. The event, meticulously planned and commence at 11:30 am in MBA Room 1, sought to shed light on the transformative ideas presented by Pope Francesco in his impactful letter following the 'Economy of Francesco' event held in Assisi in 2022.

The seminar, aptly titled "The Economy of Francesco," aimed to delve deep into the innovative economic models proposed by Pope Francesco, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable and equitable systems. The pontiff's letter, a cornerstone of the discussion, offered profound insights and actionable guidance on rethinking our current economic paradigms, advocating for a model that prioritizes human dignity, environmental sustainability, and social justice.

Francesca Botturi, hailing from Switzerland, graced the seminar as the keynote speaker. With her rich background and experience, Botturi provided an exceptional analysis of the Pope's letter, elucidating how its recommendations have significantly influenced her professional undertakings. Her presentation not only highlighted the theoretical underpinnings of the Pope's message but also demonstrated its practical application in today's business and economic landscapes.

The seminar was facilitated by Dr. Mrs Vida Korang, a Senior Lecturer at the university. Her expertise in management and economics and her commitment to fostering a deeper understanding among students and faculty members of innovative economic models were evident throughout the program. Dr. Korang's facilitation ensured that the seminar was not only informative but also interactive, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas among participants.

This program marks an essential step towards embracing alternative economic systems that are in harmony with our ethical values and the pressing needs of our planet. The insights from Pope Francesco's letter, as explored in this seminar, serve as a beacon for scholars, professionals, and policymakers alike, urging them to reconsider the foundations upon which our economic activities are built.

The Catholic University of Ghana, through initiatives like this seminar, continues to position itself as a leading institution in the discourse on sustainable and equitable economic development. The successful organization and execution of this program underscore the university's commitment to not only educating future leaders but also contributing significantly to the global conversation on redefining economic models for the betterment of society.