"Forgiveness and women's involvement crucial for NDC's success" — Bright Botchway

By Rita Scot II Contributor
NDC Bright Botchway
FEB 21, 2024 LISTEN
Bright Botchway

In a stirring speech during the inauguration of the Central Regional Women's Wings Working Committee at Kasoa over the weekend, Bright Botchway, the Deputy National Coordinator of Traders and Artisans for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), underscored the pivotal role of forgiveness and women's involvement in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Botchway highlighted the significance of unity within the party, urging members to reconcile differences and focus on the collective goal.

"Forgive your fellow member, look at the umbrella," Botchway implored, referencing the party's symbol as a unifying emblem. He emphasized that the 2024 elections are not just about individual aspirations but about the future of both the NDC and Ghana. With a clear call to action, Botchway stated, "Forgive your friend, your deputy officer, or your boss. No one's picture is on the ballot except John Mahama and our parliamentary candidates. We can't afford to lose in 2024."

Botchway did not mince words about the opposition, stating, "The NPP has failed, and we must work hard. Surely, victory will be ours." His message was one of hope and determination, firmly believing in the NDC's path to victory with concerted effort and unity.

A significant portion of Botchway's address was dedicated to the critical role of women in the upcoming elections. He acknowledged the indispensable contributions of women to the party's past successes and expressed confidence in their ability to lead the NDC to victory once again. "Let love lead. Mothers of our party, you have done it before, and surely, I know with God, you can do it again," Botchway affirmed.

Botchway's call for forgiveness and unity, coupled with an emphasis on women's empowerment, sets a tone of optimism and determination for the NDC as it prepares for a pivotal electoral battle.

The inauguration of the Central Regional Women's Wings Working Committee marks a strategic move by the NDC to galvanize its base, particularly women, who are seen as crucial to the party's success in the 2024 polls.