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The Red Apples (part 10)

The Red Apples part 10
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King Carl I, laughed in victory his eyes shining bright as a diamond reflecting itself in gold: "When the support in the developed world starting from the youth to have democracy crumbled we in Africa were already in place ready to lead the race for a better governmental system for a new approach of humanity. This was the greatest victory for us Africans in generations. I can not express myself with the right words the feeling I felt that moment you people here in Ghana and later all across our blessed continent...when we decided for good to free us from the chains tight around our necks to keep us in mental slavery."

"Yes, our honest and true independence came the day we got back our identity as Africans. For too long did we allow the white man to divide us and force his values on us," said Joshua Odhiambo categorically. His eyes landed on two bags packed for the King to travel to Japan the next morning.

"Oh, you see I am on my way out to lecture them about our way of life also. You can see, that the entire world wants to learn from us. you know I will not use a state-owned private yet. Even my predecessors refused such an idea. A poor country as Ghana was and a white King in a state private plane? I mean that did not match at all. The black Presidents our country had before used it to impress the white masters abroad and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The first King after our true independence not only sold the state private jets and flew in economy class on commercial flights only but also got rid of all SUVs with the decision only three cars are in a convoy of the King."

"And I am relieved to know that wasting time and taxpayers' money to launch hospitals, streets, schools, and power stations is part of the medieval dark age of our shameful history."

"By the way I have heard your father picked up three nice red apples. Is it true?" was King Carl I curious to know. His voice was unfamiliar low the kind of a voice to be heard in a dark forest among trees and deer.

Joshua Odhiambo smiled with a great surprise: "You know about it? I mean three ordinary red apples seem to make world history. Unbelievable...unimaginable!"

"Oh, Joshua...gossip spreads faster than the truth. People want to hear what pleases their minds not what opens their eyes. Fake news like to eat on this human weakness."

"Out from nowhere, a thought crosses my mind. In history was there ever any democratically elected leader who received from his people the title 'The Great' or only Royals? I wonder!"

Joshua Odhiambo answered after a few minutes of silence letting his mind scan the bits and pieces of history he had put into it: " To my best knowledge, never!"

"Isn't this interesting and significant?"

"Most certainly, King!" Joshua Odhiambo smiled receiving a piece of dark chocolate cake.

"Most black African leaders democratically elected had no clue nor understanding of the African history, the highlights on our beautiful continent."

"My King...with all due respect...but...I don't get your point!" was Joshua Odhiambo irritated and confused. The darkness outside got darker by the hour.

"Did they know anything about the African David and Goliath?" asked King Carl I with a big smile of wisdom around his lips.

"I, they knew about David and Goliath in their deep pockets...that is for sure," laughed Joshua Odhiambo and lifted up his glass of Champagne. "Let us celebrate that these dark days of African history are no more haunting our people. Truly...they have suffered for too long and did not deserve it."

King Carl I, put down his glass and explained: "Ancient Egypt at the river Nile was a powerful country impressively advanced. The ruler the Pharaoh was a King and God at the same time, all powers invested in one person. This was the African Goliath. Next to it in the south, the black Nubians, a tiny country compared to the mighty Egypt, is the African David. When iron was discovered in Nubia and it was in great demand the Nubians generated wealth and power based on the iron. With cleverness and a bit of military force were they able to conquer Egypt and end a long history of which after colonialism and the Arab Spring nothing significant was left. They can thank Allah that they got back an elected King and adopted our Ghanaian system a modern adaptation of the ancient Greek concept of ruling a nation long before they invented the Polis, democracy."

" King...please grant me time to digest your wisdom and the meaning of your spoken words," begged Joshua Odhiambo to take his leave.

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