Boakye Agyarko Best Qualifies To Lead NPP

Feature Article Boakye Agyarko Best Qualifies To Lead NPP

*Boakye Agyarko Best Qualifies To Lead NPP*
He who wants to lead, must first learn to serve; so the sages say, and it's true.

Nomination forms for the NPP leadership, preceding the 2024 presidential elections have taken off in earnest, and so far, all interested leadership potential personalities have picked up their forms, with accompanying due fees paid.

Without wasting any time on what is already known, a due diligence assessment is much required for NPP to get it right for once, by not making a choice of leader that will be woefully wistful, disappointing, and regrettable.

It is no secret that all Party officers, members of parliament, Ministers, and appointees of this Akufo-Addo administration have been enjoined to give their full support to Dr. Bawumia, and this is a command of the powers that be.

This indeed is a crazy tenet that should not be abided by, and be seen as being sheepish to crazy edicts that will surely have dire consequences for the Party.

Dr. Bawumia's campaign message delivered at Walewale is full of lies and concocted fabrications that when analysed with the truth as it stands, makes ridicule of him, and exposes him as a power-hungry liar who has nothing good in store for the NPP and Ghana.

A Bawumia leadership will be a continuation of Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko-controlled Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration, for the vicious circle to continue turning nonstop.

Delegates from the grassroot must reject him because Ghanaians will never even vote for him to be President. Those who are goading him on in his delusive fantasy are doing so in disingenuity, and are fake NPP patriots. They have no goodwill for the Party and its fortunes, let alone anything good for Ghana. Their interest is centred on corruption, personal fortune seeking, and they care less even if Ghana falls, and all Ghanaians perish.

Hon Alan Kyeremateng has failed woefully in all his ministerial positions held from the Kufuor administration, ranging from his UN posting as ambassador, as Minister of presidential special initiatives, and eventually as Trade and Industries Minister; then in the Akufo-Addo administration as Trade and Industries Minister.

In spite of all these positions held for approximately 14 years, Hon Alan Kyeremateng has not been able to provide any pedigree of quality performance. He's too ordinary, and doesn't excel anywhere.

Ghanaians keep on moaning about overspill of Chinese people who have migrated to colonise Ghana, and having flouted our immigrant and trading laws with impunity. Worst of all, our vegetation and river bodies are at the mercy of Chinese exploiters.

Ex-president Kufuor attempted to foist Hon Alan Kyeremateng on the NPP to be leader and presidential candidate in 2008, but failed, and the choice of Party delegates prevailed. Alan did not hesitate to resign from the NPP for having lost in his leadership contest. As to who counselled him to make a U-turn is not my concern.

Ever since, Alan has contested for NPP leadership in 2012, and in 2016, only to appreciate his real and actual smoothness level. The fact that he has persistently contested doesn't make him any obvious choice on the basis of sympathy, the same channel through which Akufo-Addo emerged for sympathy votes, only to fail woefully in disappointment.

Supporters and followers of both Alan and Bawumia have been engaged in violent clashes. Animosity exists, and will continue to pervade in division of our Party if any of them is elected NPP leader and presidential candidate. None of these is advocating for Party unity, let alone having any proactive programme or agenda for Party unity, an apathy that led to a near electoral loss in 2020.

In the case of Kwabena Agyapong, he has served as presidential spokesman, and as General Secretary of the Party. His own haughtiness image, his pride, and disdain for the then elected leader during the time of need, referring to the leader as "your presidential candidate", makes him a perfect nuisance, and unqualified.

Kwabena Agyapong put up this behaviour simply because his favourite contestant, Mr. Alan Kyeremateng couldn't win the slot to lead NPP, so this made him do and make several pronouncements that were untoward for a Party General Secretary. This is besides his accepting inducement from Ibrahim Mahama.

When questioned at the disciplinary committee hearing, Kwabena came out with lies upon lies, and fake documents in his defence, leading to his indefinite suspension.

Now, "the boiling hot soup" has been made tepid, so Kwabena intends to dip his fingers into it.

Hon Afriyie Akoto has no foresight for governance, apart from his personal ambition to lead the NPP. This is what has been said from his own lips.

Kennedy Agyapong, member of parliament for Assin Central is only a noise maker with uncontrollable slippery lips. Kennedy doesn't hesitate in using indecent language on public platforms.

He is banking on his wealth, amassed from contracts allotted to him by NDC and NPP, and particularly under President Kufuor. Most of our sub-standard transformers from China, that cannot withstand lightning, thunder, and rain were supplied by Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy focuses most on his businesses more than caring about Ghana. A true son of Ghana, and a patriot will be mindful of quality goods for Ghana, not the sub-standard to maximise profits.

As a boastful and braggard talkative, he's fond of threats as if he is privy to everything evil and criminal that goes on in Ghana, yet no evidence or exhibit has ever been produced. Kennedy even threatens to collapse the NPP if anybody dares challenge him. Is it not Kennedy Agyapong who publicly announced that he would reveal how the NPP won the 2016 elections?

Can he be a dedicated and loyal Party member?

Kennedy Agyapong has waded into the NPP leadership contest without any aims and governance foresight. He's in the race simply because he claims he has provided the Party with various logistics, as well as cash funding. He appears to have forgotten that the Party intentionally created a millionaire avenue for him through making him resourceful enough, and for him to reciprocate for the Party in times of need.

Kennedy has shirked every national responsibility position offered to him, because his concentration is on his businesses and personal wealth creation. How can such a person, all of a sudden claim to be able to lead the NPP, and be elected President of Ghana? Is it simply because he has amassed wealth from only God knows where and how?

Hon Boakye Agyarko has proved himself worthy of leading the NPP even from the little hallmark that he left in his brief tenure of office as Energy Minister. The "Dumsor" menace was crippled within a short space of time, yet not to the appreciation of his autocratic and family and friends and cronies-minded hirer.

Removed from office under circumstances that still remain unexplained, while the onus on the President, Agyarko was feared, and so, made a sacrificial lamb, in order to make a way for Bawumia.

Hon Boakye Agyarko has a long trail of unflinching membership and services to the UP tradition, through to the Progress Party; the PFP, incident to the formation of the modern day NPP.

He has been groomed by Hon J H Mensah, and Mr Kwame Mpianim, both renown economists with World Bank experience, and thoroughbred loyalists to the Party and Ghana.

Hon. Boakye Agyarko has learned to serve in the parent tradition in several committee capacities even as a young student. In the NPP, his role responsibilities have been indispensable.

He served as a member of the Economic Management Team when he was Energy Minister, and in our present economic downturn crises, Hon. Boakye Agyarko has alternative options for recovery and national development, yet this Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration has purposefully made a monster of him out of fear of his knowledge, his ability to perform and transform; his can-do innate spirit with determination and perseverance scare them, as they fear their deeds and misdeeds being exposed.

The rest of the contestants don't matter to me much, because the grassroot delegates with their own initiatives and rationality, will carefully pick the grains out of the chaff.

Adreba Abrefa Damoa