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The Saturated Life

The Saturated Life
15 APR 2023 LISTEN

The Saturated Life is an appropriate Response. The Saturated Life is what Jesus teaches us in John 7:37-39. Sadly enough, today the Holy Spirit who offers the saturated life is de-emphasized in many churches because the pastors themselves do not know Him. We need to teach the Body of Christ the Person, work, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that many Christians would know, understand, and cooperate with Him to do His work in the church and in the world. The saturated life can also be the spilled over life to the lives of others who are thirsty for Christ.

The Steadfast Life
I like your choice "The steadfast Life." We live in a world of many challenges. There are challenges in education, society, family, work, business, and even in the church. Therefore, the believer needs to be steadfast in Christ so that he/she is not swept away by the currents or the tidal waves that are raging all around us. That is why the NT writers especially, the Apostle Paul uses the term "steadfast" many times to encourage believers.

The Wonder-filled Life
Jesus was known and is known as the Wonderful Counselor. His life was one of wonder. The poor, the prostitutes, the despised, and the cast out or ostracized sought Him but the religious people despised Him because His life put them to shame. They became unpopular in the eyes of the ordinary people. If we lived such a life, the gospel of Christ would become more attractive because it would draw many people to Christ like a magnet but the self-reliant and self-centered people would malign us as they did to Jesus.

The Word-Centered Life
A Word centered life would help the believer to overcome stress, depression, and many challenges that life brings upon us. In The Scriptures we read of many of the saints who lived a Word centered life. Two typical examples are David and Paul. They faced various adversities but because their lives were based on the Word of God, they were able to weather every storm that came their way until their death. Paul was killed by the Roman government but he was able to say that he has kept the faith, he has run the race. Our Lord is with us when we put Him and His Word in the very center of our lives.

Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians: 1:9-14

Paul's prayer for the Colossians shows that many of our pastors and spiritual leaders are not teaching the proper way for Christians to pray. Today prayer is based exclusively on personal needs to the neglect of the suffering and persecuted churches of the world. Paul could have limited his prayer to his need for release from prison but that was not his problem. He knew he was in the perfect will of God. He did not also pray for the material needs of the church at Colossae. On the contrary, he prayed for the spiritual growth of the church in terms of understanding, knowledge, and gratitude.